Chick Churchill


                             INSTRUMENT: Piano, Hammond Organ, Synthesizers
                             DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd, January, 1949
                             PLACE OF BIRTH: Ilkeston,Derbyshire, England

Chick began playing piano at the age of six and continued classical studies until the age of fifteen. At this point he became more interested in blues and rock and joined his first band,   a Nottingham outfit called Sons of Adam.    

At a local gig, Chick met Alvin Lee of The Jaybirds, in whose line-up were bassist, Leo Lyons and drummer, Ric Lee.     

At first, Chick joined as road manager but soon became keyboard player when The Jaybirds became the backing group for a chart vocal act The Ivy League.    

In 1968, after Chick secured an audition for the band at Londonís Marquee Club under the name The Bluesyard (the only gig the group ever performed under using this name), the quartet became the highly successful rock group, Ten Years After. They toured the world extensively, including 28 tours of the USA in 8 years. August 1969 saw them play the unique Woodstock Festival and appear in the Woodstock Film, released the following year 1970. Ten Years After also appeared at the Isle of Wight Festival and in the film, which was finally released in 1995!   

When Alvin left Ten Years After in 1976 to go solo for the first time, Chick became Professional Manager at Chrysalis Music, the company was owned by his then manager, Chris Wright.  

A year later, Chick left Chrysalis Music and founded a partnership with Tim Whitsett as Whitsett Churchill Music Publishing. They specialized in publishing and promoting American artists from the Southern States, where Tim had his roots.    

Following on from this, Chick furthered the career of The News, a group he managed and signed to a lucrative deal with Polydor Records.      

Ten Years After re-formed again in 1983 for the Marquee Clubís 25th Anniversary, and also performed two large European festivals in Belgium and Switzerland and were special guests at The Reading Festival,  the year of headliner Thin Lizzy's final concert.      

In between management duties and publishing, Chick also found time to create arrangements for various recording artists including Bridgette St John and French superstar, Johnny Halliday.   

Once again Ten Years After re-formed in 1988 and recorded a new album called About Time in Memphis, Tennessee, and spent the next four years touring Europe, the USA, and selected dates in the UK performing to sell-out crowds, until Alvin once again left the band to go solo once more in 1991.     

Ric Lee formed The Breakers with his old friend, Ian Ellis (Savoy Brown) in 1994 and Chick, Ric and Ian wrote several tracks together for the bands album called Milan, which was released in July of 1995.   

Between 1995 and 2000, Chick again worked with Ten Years After, touring and performing at Festivals in America, Brazil and Europe.      

Chick currently lives in the Costa del Sol (Spain), and when not working with the new line-up of Ten Years After, he plays with guitarist Mama Paula in The Chick Churchill Band.