Joe Gooch, born May 3rd, 1977 in Highbury, North London, grew up in a musically aware environment and was introduced to jazz and blues at an early age. By thirteen, taking his music seriously, he enrolled in a course of classical guitar lessons. The disciplines he learned were good grounding for him but he soon realized his interest lay outside of the classical sphere and moved towards rock and blues.  

At first, influenced by his childhood heroes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) Buddy Guy, and later Frank Zappa, Joe experimented with various musical styles; constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration to expand and improve his techniques. He strives relentlessly, like all good musicians, to be a better player and to express himself with an individual voice in an already overcrowded profession. Joe can communicate his emotions through strong, energetic playing without having to resort to flash, fast scale playing and gives a sensational new dynamic to a highly respected world beating team of veteran musicians. 

Since his early teens, Joe has been involved in many recording projects and has gigged around with numerous bands, but on joining Ten Years After he immediately felt at home and that he had finally found his `niche´. He loves touring with Leo, Chick, and Ric and enjoys the remarkable synergy that is created between the band and the audience.

Photo by Mark Pullin (Apex Studio)





Thursday 24 October 2002:

Local Joe hits the big time

Kington-based guitarist Joe Gooch has landed the gig of a lifetime with the world-renowned seventies rock band `Ten Years After'.

On hearing the band were seeking a new front man, Joe wasted no time in sending them a demo CD which led to an audition, and the rest, as they say, is `history.

"It all happened so quickly," Joe explained. "Following the audition, we flew straight to Germany, did two shows and then travelled to America to start work on the new album.

"It's been a great experience working with such a classic, innovative band".

Joe remembers watching the band on film at the Woodstock Festival when he was a teenager and feeling `blown away' by the experience. So to end up as a member of the band he feels is almost unbelievable.

Joe is now back in Herefordshire preparing for a European tour at the beginning of next year. In the meantime he is working with Kington-based band, Siro.

"I played with Siro before I joined Ten Years After," Joe says. "They are a great band with strong songs, lots of energy and they really helped me form a big part of my musical identity. So check them out!"

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