T E N   Y E A R S   A F T E R

P H O T O  C O L L E C T I O N

Photos from Mr. GARY MARCUM 
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Gary Marcum's  indoor photos presented on this page are from the Dayton, Ohio Gig
November 2nd, 1971



These Photos of  Leo Lyons were taken at the Cincinnati Pop Festival, Summer 1970





"When Woodstock came out on film in 1970 we weren't old enough to get in to see it,
so I drew a mustache over my friend's lip with an eyebrow pencil to get him in.
We just had to see TEN YEARS AFTER and The WHO !!!"
Gary Marcum










"The featured artist on this show were Procol Harum who were
to open up for TEN YEARS AFTER.
Procol Harum were held up at customs yet they chartered their own flight in an attempt
to honor their gig commitment.
They finally got there just as TYA were taking the stage, so it was too late for them which meant:
more TYA and lots of pix."
Gary Marcum








"I am not a professional photographer, just a fan, it's in that spirit that I hope you find
these photographs enjoyable"
Gary Marcum

Our special thanks to Gary for his wonderful contribution to our Memorabilia Page.
From our first contact until the project was completed his patience, support and trust in us
was just fantastic.
Brigitte and Dave


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