With The Understanding Permission Of 

Mr. Jorgen Angel


We have requested these great b/w photos from Jorgen Angel. He was very supportive, friendly and excited
to be involved. The most important thing to keep in mind is the time period they represent.




Alvin Lee and Leo Lyons paid some very hard dues before these pictures were taken. The band was
unknown, except for family, friends and the local performances.




Ten Years After were living in the blues between little, nothing and nowhere. The sun was just starting
to shine through their backdoor but they were unaware of what was to come!!!






Before there was a Woodstock Festival and before the sold out crowds of the Fillmore East and West and
before world-wide tours they were four dedicated musicians - just trying to survive from day to day.




These pictures deserve a second and third look, but as for Ten Years After, they only needed one chance
to prove themselves to the world, and the rest is documented in the history they made.



Jorgen Angel had the insight and artistic ability to capture this raw talent
before they conquered the world of Rock and Roll !!!

Please check out this man's creative work at his WEBSITE