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                    THE FINAL FAREWELL !!!    The Guitar Master says GOODBYE to his  fans



My first contact with Alvin Lee, was through the film Woodstock.
I was impressed and I discovered that I wanted to be a guitar player and to know Alvin.
It's delayed a long time but I got.

One day, I was taking a course in New York, when a taxi driver asked me if I liked Rock'n'Roll.
I answered that yes. Then he informed me that on that night,
a musician that had participated in Woodstock was doing a show in Queens.
As I had attended the film at least a 27 times only to see Ten Years After - I always entered in the movies
in the same minute, everyday, only to see Alvin and as soon as finished I'm going home, I leave the movies,
happy and went back home to play my guitar recently bought.

I asked taxi driver who was in the city, and he told me: Alvin Lee.
I thought that it went a joke but even so, I decided to go to Queens, contradicting the personnel's
of the hotel instructions that told me that Queens was very dangerous.
I called the same taxi driver and I went to the encounter of my idol, taking 2 photographic cameras
and 1 tape recorder stereo.
It was one of the best things that I did in my life... and at the end of the night,
I was received at the dressing room by Alvin, where we talked for 45 minutes.
I won a T-shirt of Harley, a non engraved pick, an autograph and a CD.

Unhappily, when he was in São Paulo (my home town), for the show at Palace, I didn't have the same luck.
I talked with him (that remembered me) during about 3 minutes and him he told me that it was afraid.
Normal feeling for who was received for more than 2 thousand people completely hysterical
with the return of TYA.

ln Baraccat

Mr. Lincoln Baraccat is an artist in the first degree, he is also one of the most loyal and die hard
TEN YEARS AFTER / ALVIN LEE Fans alive today.

His love and devotion to Alvin and Ten Years After is beyond reproach and is impeccable.
His collection is an honest representation of his artistic talent, hard work and effort to offer his praise,
love and respect for the man who plays the Gibson ES335 guitar.

Mr. Baraccat offers these images to please the eye stir the emotions, and to help you experience
the excitement of TEN YEARS AFTER / ALVIN LEE, and the music they make.

 Brigitte & Dave


Dave's two favorite sketches 


Mr. Lincoln Baraccat

Thank You Lincoln - BIG HUG from Brigitte & Dave


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