"Blues Garage"  Review

Ten Years After Rhythm Section along with front man Carvin Jones, guitar extraordinar
at the "Blues Garage" , Hannover, Germany - April 12th, 2002

Friday, 7:30 pm - sound check was in progress and by 2:30 am equipment was loaded, 
band and fans gone.
In between these four hours: magic, high energy, passion and a dream come true.
Four hours of musical excitement and a night we will never forget. 
Carvin Jones:
Plays a Jimi Hendrix style of guitar music, Stevie Ray Vaughan songs, and loves the audience. He plays behind his back, between his legs, with his teeth, on the floor, on his back, and walks through the crowd at will. When not on the stage you will find him and his guitar up in the balcony, looking down and playing to Leo Lyons who is on stage playing to him while looking up. Carvin rocks, no flash, no false pretense, no gimmicks and no childish ego trip for this man. He's rolling thunder and he is on fire.

Leo Lyons: Who invited us to come to the gig, looks the same as always except for his grey hair. He looks and acts like a gentleman, school headmaster, except if you were called into his office he would look at you over top of his reading spects and then smile and say to you quietly "would you like to hear my Bass Guitar?" On stage he rocks the house, nothing has changed with Leo, he is the ever stable professional player, he wails the tar out of that poor instrument as is his trade mark over all these years. While in the middle of "Sunshine Of Your Love" Leo broke out into the "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" bass line, the crowd went crazy and moved closer to the stage.

Chick Churchill: The youngest member of TYA is also treated as such, the younger brother who needs nurturing and gets the family treatment from Ric and Leo at every opportunity. They support Chick with good humor, laughs and their common bond - music. On stage he needs no one to help him, he supports the music with that chomp-chomp whirling sound of his keyboard. His sound is clear, and unmistakable, the only difference is he's getting better but not older. Chick is the shy one but not the quiet sort, he speaks his mind the same way that he plays - straight and to the point.

Ric Lee: I always knew that Leo was the "Rudder" of TYA and that Chick held the spirit of the band, but it was Ric Lee that surprised me the most. I am not easy to impress but Ric turned my head, and thinking around in short order. Once you get over the Alvin Lee worship phase, and after you shake hands and pat Leo and Chick on the back there is Ric.
I knew little or nothing about this member of TYA until we met him in person, but now we call him our friend. He is the driving force now for keeping our favorite band alive and well. Ric and Leo are the sources to talk with to learn anything and everything that you would like to know. It is now a fact that Ric has on paper all of the TYA recorded music information from the vaults, he has control of this material. Ric is proud of his responsibility, we are not talking ego, or power trip here, we are talking about a job that should have been done twenty years ago. Now he has to do what needs to be done and at the same time try and keep everyone happy, and do the right thing. So if you are die hard TYA fans as we are please give thanks to Ric Lee.
Herb Staehr used Leo and Ric as his direct sources for his great book. On stage Ric has never played better or stronger, he is innovative, powerful, and relaxed. Now that I know him in person I have modified my opinion of him, he is somewhere between John Densmore, John Bonham, and Carl Palmer, all rolled into one dynamic person. He is a loyal and dedicated supporter of the band, as Densmore strong, powerful and centered as a Bonham (Bonzo) and as much a perfectionist as Carl Palmer. What more could you ask for in a person or in a drummer? (nothing)

The concert: Started at ten o' clock sharp, the band and the audience were ready for each other. We counted about thirty songs being played. One song ran directly into another, the band was tight in playing but loose and relaxed on stage. All were happy to be there, and it showed on all their faces, and in the music as well. We are at great loss to give you all a blow by blow discription of this whole event, so rather we will give you the overall feeling.
If it was announced to this band they only had four hours to live, that is how they played on this night. They all played their hearts out and, gave their all. You would have thought they were playing to 50,000 fans instead of the 500 who attended with us.
Some of the songs played were "Sunshine Of Your Love", "Going Down Slow", "Before You Accuse Me", "When The House Is Rockin", "Going To Chicago" and "Johnny B. Goode".
A thumping driving bass solo by Leo and a ten minute outstanding drum solo from Ric.

Our review of the songs is not the important thing, it is the star Carvin Jones . Carvin was born and raised in Texas and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He earns respect the hard way, he works for it, right from his soul. He is respected for his playing and also as a great person from all who meet him. This man is likeable, loveable, and has the most contagious smile that we have ever seen. As an ending to this gig he plays two guitars at the same time, holding one in each hand.

From 7:30 on it started, they all signed hundreds upon hundreds of autographs, on paper, on record albums and on cd's. Ric signed one between songs on stage for a fan, and with a smile. We had many questions and our heroes answered all of them. We also took well over one hundred pictures with no problem from the band. The band didn't hide between sets as most do behind closed doors, they were very visible, moved around through the crowd and stopped, talked, signed, and were great to everyone.

News: Ric Lee and Leo Lyons are both writing books. Ric told us that on the re-release of "Undead" are these added tracks - "Spoonful", "I Can't Keep From Crying,  Sometimes" and "Rock Me Baby".

Special note: They played no TYA songs at this concert because it was Carvin Jones' night to shine. But in the next six months TYA will return to Germany and the "Blues Garage" and perform five TYA songs including "Love Like A Man". Ric also said one blues set will be devoted to the music of Big Bill Broonzy, an acoustic set at that. What a great concept!

We will of course be there again and we would love to see as many fans there as possible.


Our special thanks to: Ric, Leo, Chick, Carvin Jones, Will Toxell, Tony Tilotta (the professional photographer), and Ramona and Henry Gellrich, the club managers - all of which made our visit a happy and comfortable experience. Thanks to all of you.

  Brigitte and Dave