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Cricklewood Green provides the best example of Ten Years After's recorded sound. On this album, the band and engineer Andy Johns mix studio tricks and sound effects, blues-based song structures, a driving rhythm section, and Alvin Lee's signature lightning-fast guitar licks into a unified album that flows nicely from start to finish. Cricklewood Green opens with a pair of bluesy rockers, with "Working on the Road" propelled by a guitar and organ riff that holds the listener's attention through the use of tape manipulation as the song develops. "50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain" and "Love Like a Man" are classics of TYA's jam genre, with lyrically meaningless verses setting up extended guitar workouts that build in intensity, rhythmically and sonically. The latter was an FM-radio staple in the early '70s. "Year 3000 Blues" is a country romp sprinkled with Lee's silly sci-fi lyrics, while "Me and My Baby" concisely showcases the band's jazz licks better than any other TYA studio track, and features a tasty piano solo by Chick Churchill. It has a feel similar to the extended pieces on side one of the live album Undead. "Circles" is a hippie-ish acoustic guitar piece, while "As the Sun Still Burns Away" closes the album by building on another classic guitar-organ riff and more sci-fi sound effects.




Brigitte at Cricklewood Cafe in Cricklewood, Suburb of London

Brigitte's visit in Cricklewood

Old Marquee Club on Wardour Street

Welcome to The Marquee Club 

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       Brigitte & friends crossing Abbey Road

 London Overview     Battersea Power Station - Pink Floyd's Animals Album Cover   


   Royal Guard  Houses of Parliament - London Bridge  Tower Bridge  Piccadilly Circus

  Brigitte at Hard Rock Cafe  EMI STUDIOS - former APPLE STUDIOS  Carnaby Street Welcomes The World  Royal Albert Hall  

     Tower of London  Trafalgar Square  Westminster  Traffic  





  Guitar Collage  Big Red
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    Alvin Lee & Big Red


   Alvin backstage    Alvin's Sunburst Guitar, Isle of Wight Festival, 1970  

          TYA In Action On Stage Just Being TYA


TYA at the BEAT CLUB (German TV) 1969

Ten Years After








 Dan Jasper and his cat Cannabis

This Page is dedicated to our best friend in the great white North -   DAN JASPER

Love and Respect from Brigitte and Dave

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