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 A Passionate Drummer




Leslie plays to a new generation of fans:    13-year-old  Navina Lillie
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The Crowd goes crazy !!!    Lisa Harrington acting and dancing wild


Biggest Mountain Fan of All - Dave on the bottom left




             Richie Scarlet            Corky Laing               Mr. Leslie West

After a great gig at the end of Mississippi Queen:   
Corky saved  this drum stick and handed Dave the other

This beat-up drum stick was autographed by Corky Laing




 Support Staff - Guitar Tech Mark Webber



 Ed Roman Guitars


                                                                     Brian Harrington             DAVE               Richie Scarlet

Leslie's Guitars at: 


All Pictures Taken by Brigitte and Dave


   Please visit Henry Gellrich's "Blues Garage", Hannover,  Germany

   recommended by Brigitte & Dave