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A Sting In The Tale"

Land Of The Vandals - Iron Horse - Miss Constable - Up In Smoke - Retired Hurt - Suranne Suranne - Stoned Phone - Two Lost Souls - Diamond Girl - Last Night Of The Bottle - Guitar Hero - Silverspoon Lady


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CD Review by Dave Willey



A STING IN THE TALE – Reminds me of lyrics by Roy Harper.

“A Sting In The Tale” comes directly from his album H-Q from 1995 and the song …

“When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease, well you never know whether he's gone.With a new ball sting in his tail, and it could be me, and it could be thee, and it could be the sting in the ale – the sting in the ale. If sometimes you're catching a fleeting glimpse ...”  

Putting this into perspective, Ten Years After is a band that should never fade away or die. They keep changing, rearranging and reinventing themselves out the last 50 years. They have been flying in and out of stardom, which left their loyal fans wondering, if they were still around or given up for dead. Then back they'd come again to our ultimate delight. One member died and the rest thankfully continue to thrive. From 1967 to 2017 they're still producing, creating and playing great music and aren't we all blessed to still have them with us.



1. Land of the Vandals 4:09

This opening song starts with an instrumental build up, that keeps you guessing about where it's leading to. It doesn't take very long before the guitar riff and the rest of the band takes off on a rocking little jaunt of exciting music. Message wise, it's a reality check. Modern times and sad state of affairs indeed.


2. Iron Horse – 3:25

This track is just as good as the first one, and keeps the energy and passion pumping right along at an energetic pace. Music and vocals can't be beat. Just how tough you have to be to make it in the modern world – like an Iron Horse.


3. Miss Constable – 4:06

The vocals of John Kay of Steppenwolf, what a great sound and surprise. These first three songs really hit the mark for Ten Years After, the band is really tight and with a lot of positive energy to spare. Brilliant Job by Chick Churchill, gutty Guitar work and strong vocals by Marcus, rolling bass lines of thunder by Colin, and steady impressive drumming throughout by the one and only Ric Lee.


4. Up In Smoke – 6:13

This song is so good that the 6:13 time goes by like a three minute 45 record. A real toe tapper for sure. There's no way that you'll be able to sit still through this without being drawn into it. Good and pleasing, with guitar work and vocals that are – Reminicent of Free's Mouthful of Grass and Paul Rogers sound phrasing. You couldn't ask for a better or tighter band.


5. Retired and Hurt (Over You) – 5:36

Excellent Song – Don't Ever Tell Me That They Don't Make Songs Like This Anymore. You'd Be Hard Pressed to Find Better “GOOD Old/NEW” Rock and Roll Being Played.


6. Suranne-Suranne (I Should've Been Your Man) – 3:24 (I'm So in Love With You).

This is one of the hardest rocking songs on this collection. A real standout in music with good lyrics that go right heard and soul. Still got that John Kay power-house style we all loved to hear all these years. Like finding a long lost friend. You'll feel right at home on this one. Chick Churchill is sounding like Goldie McJohn – the song is an echo of Steppenwolf's “Ride With Me” (Baby) and a Stone Cold Rocker Like Sookie – Sookie Sookie – Sookie SUE!!!


7. Stoned Alone – 4:09

A nice filler, with a smooth story, ballad. Great keyboard work by Chick. Everybody sounds great and has that gospel sound to it. Stay on the bus until it gets you back home where you belong.


8. Two Lost Souls – 4.06 (Just Tryin' To Make It Home) Dancin' Barefoot in the Moonlight!

Two lost souls trying to get back home. It's a great fast rocker, refreshing after the slower paced Stone Alone right before it. Back on track again and heading for a strong ending. It's a shame that this song had to end at all.


9. I Lost My “Diamond Girl” - 5:17

Somehow this one reminds me of Blind Faith's “Can't Find My Way Home” and “Presence Of The Lord” mixed together for an atomic reaction/fusion explosion. You'd Better Tighten Up Your Wig at the 2:40 Mark and by 3:30 there's no turning back. Dynamic vocal, without screaming. “I Lost My Diamond Girl and I Can't Find My Way Home”.

10. Last Night of the Bottle – 4:09

Echo of Hear Me Callin' – Chick Churchill is pounding the keys all the way through the song, but then at the 1:37 mark Chick stands out like few others in modern rock and roll. Keith Emerson has passed – Greg Allmann is dead and gone – Rick Wakeman (don't know where he's at these days). God Bless You Chick – you never sounded better –  you're simply brilliant.


11. When A “Guitar Hero” (Was All You Ever Wanted To Be) – 4:55 – (A Juke Box Hero)

I have two thoughts about this number. First, I think it sould have been the opening track and second, it should have been the closing track on this set. Either way, in my opinion, it's the best song on this CD. It's also damn hard not to think about Alvin Lee when listening to it. It reminds me of Alvin's song “Rock and Roll Guitar Picker” or “Rock and Roll Music To The World” … “I only shout and leave the rest to my guitar” … ROCK IN PEACE ALVIN! Rock and Roll Guitar Heros Never Die!


12. Silverspoon Lady – 3:18 – (You Won't Get The Best of Me)

A great way to end this. Up – Beat and it makes it very easy to press the replay button and give it another go round and round and round. Which I'm sure will do, trust me.

Hats off for a super effort! Nice cow bell Ric --- a Missisippi Queen Tribute.


In Conclusion:

Great Job -Very Well Done In All Areas – Talent Plus – From Four Expert Musiciains.Song Writing Is Good to Excellent Across The Board – Sound Qualitiy Excellent.

Production Values Top Shelf. Overall Rating 10 Plus.

Congratulations Ric, Chick, Colin and Marcus. It's going to be hard to top this outstanding effort, but isn't that what professional musicians like to hear. We're proud to be your fans!


Final Comment:

All songs are original and written by Ten Years After Band Members.

Every household should have a copy of this recording. As it's August 1, 2017 – this CD – in my opinion should be in the top five at the end of the year. It's that good. It's a labor of love. There's nothing negative in this review, if you think there is, you're sadly mistaken.

My comparison to other bands or groups are offered with all due respect, to those musicians and all the members of Ten Years After. 


Dave Willey



















Many Thanks to Sabine Trunzer (KULTOPOLIS)
Dave Willey, Thomas Henzler, Anita Ranisch



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