Chick Churchill - Joe Gooch - Ric Lee - Leo Lyons



      Disc 1.

  • King Of The Blues 4:17
  • Hear Me Calling 6:19
  • Good Morning Little School Girl 6:52
  • When It All Falls Down 4:36
  • Working On The Road 4:54
  • Big Black 45 5:23
  • The Hobbit 7:48
  • Living It Up 4:04

      Disc 2

  • Love Like A Man 7:21
  • I’d Love To Change The World 5:52
  • Time To Kill 6:24
  • I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 14:48
  • I’m Going Home 10:38
  • Reasons Why 5:01
  • Choo Choo Mama 4:51

    “Roadworks” is a live two cd set of old and new Ten Years After material.

    1. Mr. Joe Gooch on Lead Guitar-Lead Vocals- Rhythm Guitar-Technical Effects- High Energy Front Man-Songwriter-Composer

    2. Mr. Leo Lyons on Bass Guitar-Back Up Vocals-Producer- Music Director- Coordinator- Quality Control-Composer Arranger-Organic Director-Vegetarian

    3. Mr. Chick Churchill- All keyboards- Songwriter-Composer-Arranger- On Stage /Crowd Motivator and the Bands Tour Navigator-who says on a regular basis “I’m Ready”.

    4. Mr. Ric Lee on Drums- Percussion-Backing Vocals- Time Keeper Extraordinaire-The Bands Manager- Archive Authority and Vault Investigator

    Ten Years After is:
    Four expert musicians maintaining the creative idealism that has set them apart from other bands right from their humble beginnings. On record they are absolutely without exception extraordinary in their content and delivery. On stage they’re unequalled having mopped the floor with greater and lesser acts of the day, as they asked for no quarter and gave no quarter in return. Ten Years After always had one main policy “blow off the competition” and it’s served them well.

    This seemingly hard nosed and practical logic was the inspired idea of Leo Lyons and is reflected by every member of Ten Years After then and “NOW”.
    That attitude is how Ten Years After came to survive, but the concept is nothing new, it used to be called “Cutting Heads” by the old blues men who worked street corners in order to make a living. Not only did they have to be better than the competition in order to survive, but they first had to attract the attention of the public at large, then prove that they were worthy of their support, then follow through by being consistent and inventive and also smart enough to give the people what they wanted. All this while breaking new ground with song, lyrics and stage presence, at the same time.

    That is Ten Years After then and “NOW”. Always a head above the rest. Leading the way with the reach and imagination that only training, hard work, experience and knowledge can provide.
    Ten Year After’s Studio recording called ”NOW” has brought the band back into public prominence and good favour once again. Their stage presentation leaves no doubt that they are serious like never before and they aren’t taking any prisoners. Kicking Ass, or cutting heads it’s all the same, they aren’t going down without a fight.

    At present it’s three years later and the culmination of their combined effort has led to this new Live CD Set.

    A track by track accounting of this new effort by Ten Years After is really unnecessary at this point in time. More importantly, there are two mutual and parallel  priorities taking place simultaneously, and that is what this LIVE RECORDING represents and that’s what this review is all about.

     The Important Historical Significance:  

    “King Of The Blues” is the perfect track to start off the proceedings, it jump starts everything else that’s to follow, it sets the mood on a very positive / energetic note. From there the content of this live collection represents the progress /progression that the band as a whole working / creative unit has made and where they stand right now.

    Where do they stand right now you may well be asking yourself? On their own stable ground, secure in the fact and knowledge that they are doing it on their own terms, with their own sweat and determination, and are accepting no compromise in the process. In short…they’re playing to win, as there is no other option available or even being considered. 

    That hunger and desire is the driving force behind this recording, and as such Leo Lyons has managed to spare the polish and keep the true-grit of the raw performance intact and thus totally honest and credible. The editing is flawlessly and seamlessly slick. Leo has perfected the fine art of his production and mastering skills, and to his credit everything has stayed intact and is represented in the finest light.

    This two cd set remains faithful to the original performances, what you hear is exactly the performances we ourselves were witness to, at the exact moment they were recorded.

    As I look over the titles, I’m still in awe of the fact that this is the Ten Years After that I grew up listening to, and is still Ten Years After today. Few bands can claim three original members still intact and still performing better and a great deal more happy then ever before, in their long and prestigious career.

    Joe Gooch:  All Taste With No Haste!

    The most significant and welcomed difference, is in the approach and delivery of the most dynamic and charismatic,  front man and guitar prodigy  Mr. Joe Gooch.

    On this live recording, Joe comes across as one of the most proficient guitarist around today, and also a perfectionist of the first order.

    This young man has everything going for him and you’re going to hear about him for years to come. He’s every guitarist that you’ve ever heard, all rolled into one wild eyed, young rocking thundering buck!

    In a blink of an eye Joe can go from a heavy metal riff into a jazzy tone, into a Zappa crazed frenzy, and right into a scathing version of Red House…and that makes him exciting to listen to and more exciting to watch on stage.

    Even more than that, he has the power of the amps, power over his guitar, and respect of his band mates. Joe is in control of the show and is allowed to push his energy, his playing, and the band as far as he wants to take it. As an example, on Good Morning Little School Girl, he’s playing lead guitar against himself, he’s doing the lead part in the upper harmonic range and then he drops down to a lower rhythmic range, he can oscillate between the two at will, while adding a third, forth or fifth variation to the song without missing a beat.

    The best example that I can provide is: "Meantown Blues" from "Johnny Winter And Live", with Johnny and Rick Derringer  working off of each other. Now double that effect and that’s Joe Gooch in action. Every performance is new and exciting, Joe changes riffs, chords and vocal styles. He is nothing short of brilliant! 

    Off stage or on, Joe is the same nice guy, kind of shy, quiet, smart and extremely talented in many areas, more than that, he’s just a first class gentleman.


    A Hard Road To Democracy For Ten Years After

    In 2002  it finally happened. The original members Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill, Ric Lee, made a mutual decision that it was time for a change and to move forward. As Alvin Lee said a resounding “NO” to rejoining  the band, the band played on instead. For the first time in their career Ten Years After became a working democracy and escaped the limited old-time regime that became an obsolete and ineffective system.     

    We have all heard Jimi Hendrix sing “Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky” well Ten Years After is doing just that. Now that they are working on an artistically equal playing field,  they are pushing the envelope to the maximum, and they are doing it without restriction, without limitations and without a second thought.


    In Conclusion:

    This new Ten Years After Double Live CD, is a faithful and perfect representation of the band Live on Stage today. It is an audio recording of their live event, and as the listener your will be overjoyed to have access to the splendour that is Ten Years After’s music. It is four exceptional musicians captured  live, but the visual and physical experience of being in a tightly packed, sweltering room, that’s filled with Ten Years After fans of every age, race and size is the only thing  missing.

    The other part, is the interaction within the band, the strong chemistry that is visible in every action and reaction of the band members. This is a band now running on all eight cylinders, alright hold tight, they are the Highway Stars and the Road Works best for them, just as the recording process has never let them down.

    Leo, Chick and Ric all carry the  Ten Years After tradition that they created on into the future.
    Ten Years After is Ten Years After as they can be nothing besides.  

    “ROADWORKS” is the undeniable, incontrovertible,  testament to that fact.               


Chick Churchill - Joe Gooch -
Ric Lee - Leo Lyons

Cover Design by Leo Lyons


Chick Churchill, Joe Gooch, Ric Lee and Leo Lyons have recorded a smash follow-up to the hugely successful studio album Now.


Roadworks was recorded on their sell-out tour of Europe in November/ December 2004 and is released on August 8th 2005.


This double live CD, a splendid mix of old and new, contains classics such as the UK Top Five track Love Like A Man, the Woodstock Festival anthem I’m Going Home, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (never previously released by this line-up), Hear Me Calling,  and the first ever live version of I’d Love To Change The World  which featured in Fahrenheit 9/11 and was a US Top Twenty hit in 1970.


Also included with all these goodies are three concert versions of tracks from the Now album: (When It) All Falls Down, Reasons Why and King Of The Blues:




Bonuses of one never before released tune: Living It Up and a brand new version of Big Black 45.



The cd cover represents a new dawn for the band, the four main power lines represent all four members and also Leo’s four string bass guitar at the same time.  Along with the word “LIVE” across these high power lines they are indeed dangerous and a force to be respected. In the photo is a highway and all the traffic is heading in the same direction, towards the Ten Years After logo, as the logo itself represents the sun and the life giving power therein.

The front cover is dark and people are heading to work, the back cover is brighter and thus shows the light of the coming new day.

It is definitely a new day for the band, and they have made the transition in perfect relation to the time in which we live. The theme is “Live Life Live” so lets play with the titles as the apply to each of us:

"We would all still love to change the world, we all feel the need to cry sometimes just watching world events, T.V. is the really the king of the blues, we travel on the road in order to get to where we are working, some people ride a choo choo to get back to mama, everyday some ride in a big black 45 as their final ride, and we all would like to know the reasons why, we all like to be going home as soon as possible, there is a certain amount of time to kill in every mans day, love like a man or woman as we all love something or someone.

Sometimes our best and most well laid plans all fall down, we symbolically all live like little hobbits, as the telephone is ringing can you hear me calling to you, I say, you should be living it up like the little schoolgirls do!!!  "                 

       Review by Dave and Brigitte


Listen to HOBBIT on the new CD "ROADWORKS"


Ric Lee 2005

Ten Years After's one and only drummer is not getting older he's getting better all the time. 

Taking his old favorite and signature drum solo "HOBBIT" and kicking dynamic new life into the old crowd pleasing favorite for Ten Years After then and Ten Years After "NOW"  

He continues to strive for perfection. Hear it, see Ric in action performing it live and meet him in person on tour "NOW"


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