CD Review for "EVOLUTION"
by Thomas Henzler





CD Review by Thomas Henzler


Here it is, finally in my hands! The dream that we thought would never become a reality! The brand new TYA CD!
TEN YEARS AFTER found the time in between all the touring, to write new songs and even bring out the CD before Christmas. Nice fanfold cover and the lyrics in between. A total of  55 minutes of new music.

But how does it sound? Here’s my comments on the songs:

 1.    “I Think It’s Gonna Rain All Night”: Wow, what a start! A hard driving song that ZZ TOP would be jealous of,
 with a lovely keyboard riffs, that makes it that much more interesting.

2.       2. “She Keeps Walking”: You can hear the love that Joe has for Jimi Hendrix. I would say, this is an honest homage. 
I like the refrain with two voices.

3.      3. “Why’d They Call It Falling”: Nice ballad, it reminds me a little of the good old Lynyrd Skynyrd.

4.       4. “She Needed A Rock”: That’s what I call solid rock, with a touch of Deep Purple-drive. Great!

5.      5.   “My Imagination”: Sorry, but this reminds me too much of “50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain”. 
On the other hand, the rhythm changes of Ric Lee are really worth listening.

6.       6. “I Never Saw It Coming”: A beautiful ballad, that reminds me of the rock ballads of the 80’s 
from John Waite or Jeff Healey. Very straight forward and full of mood.

7.       7. “Slip Slide Away”:  Don’t confuse the song “slip sliding away” from Paul Simon! Because it has nothing to do with it! This has more of Deep Purple’s “Lazy” drive (you certainly know this song). If you listen closely, you can hear the familiar sounds of John Lord running through the fingers of Chick Churchill. Yes, this is one of my favorite live-songs!

8.       8. “Tail Lights”: Another nice ballad.

9.       9. “Angry Words”: Live audiences will know this song already in the XXL-version. On CD, it becomes more of a classic “BB King-” blues song, what I prefer. The solos are kept  clean and short. Chick’s virtuosity is brilliant!

10.    10. “That’s  Alright”: Is a fast blues, in the refrain is some ska-influence. I like this “The Clash”- touch!

 My conclusion: This is one of the honest rock pearls of the year. You can hear the hand made music, no computers. Positive: The keyboard-sounds are well defined, not too much in the background. They bring a lot of drive into the faster songs, and that I can really appreciate. The guitar-solos don’t have a time-filling-character, but harmonize very well into the songs. Plus: you can hear that Joe has “grown”. On the “Now” album I had the feeling that Joe was out to make a name for himself.  The Evolution-album shows a band, that doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, and full of  good self-confidence. Good albums always get better, the more often you listen to them. Well, I'm here to say that I’ve listened to it at least 10 times and will now put it into my car, so that I can listen to it many more times. There’s only one thing that I’m missing. The phenomenal  bass-lines from Leo Lyons, they are too much put  into the background, so you almost cannot hear them.

 Well done guys! I’m really looking forward to see you live the next time, to congratulate you personally!

 Your true fan Thomas from Munich




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