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Bahnhof Bad Salzuflen - 12.8.2009



Photos and Concert Review by Brigitte and Dave


TITO & TARANTULA  Concert Review:

August 12, 2009 Bahnhof  Bad Salzuflen, Germany  


It took me quite awhile to figure out that this is the band performing at the beginning of the movie “Roadhouse” featuring Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliott. Their song “Don’t Throw Stones” is a fantastic opening number that really sets the tone for the rest of the movie. That being said, the band becomes even more displaced and obscure when you realize that this song never appears on the official  soundtrack for the movie, when it should’ve been the opening song bar none. In order to acquire this song performed by Tito Larriva and The Cruzados you have to special order it from their website, and have it shipped to you, in our case for a grand total of around $25.00 USA Dollars to Germany and worth every cent of it.The band started out as “Plugz”, then “The Cruzados” in the Roadhouse movie and then onto its present working name.  This band is hard to describe, part punk-ish, somewhat new wave, definitely a heavy active measure of rock and roll, with a theatrical flair undertone ala Alice Cooper / Frank Zappa Bizarre Intelligence – thus their involvement in the best selling cult classic movie called “From Dusk till Dawn” and their hit song called “After Dark” about vampires coming back to life / alive when the sun goes down and the night time rules the planet until daybreak returns! Featured in the movie are George Clooney and Daniel Tarantino.

Tito & Tarantula is who we have come out to see perform live on this rainy, windy Halloween type evening at an old abandoned railway station / now turned music venue, that looks haunted and may very well hold a variety of  skeletons still hidden under the loose floorboards, between the sub-floor and the dank dark cellar below that…….Ladies and Gentleman……would you please welcome Tito and Tarantula to the stage!!!


Set List Includes the Following: 

  1. In My Car 2. Effortless 3. End of Everything 4. Torn to Pieces 5. Machete 6. Murder 7. Pretty Wasted 8. Motorcycle Girl 9. Flor De Mal 10. Crime and Shame 11. Monsters 12. Clumsy 13. After Dark 14. Strange Face of Love 15. Dust and Ashes 16. Angry Cockroaches 17. Hombre Secreto 18. Come Out Clean 19. La Bamba  20. This House Anarchia 21. Pistolero Forever Forgotten

 The band is running about twenty minutes late, the  stage manager is shoving his watch into Tito’s face, in a very aggravated way, and the audience is packed tightly into this little room with limited floor space and the sweat has already started to hit the floor. Moisture  from everyone’s breathing is sticking to the walls in this German version of an old fashioned juke-joint.

 The musicians walk on stage and not a minute to soon, we now get our first look at people we have never seen play before. Right from the start they are good. The drummer is excellent, the guitar man (Steven Medina Hufsteter hails from Los Angeles, California)  is hanging back for the time being and just pacing himself, Tito (Larriva from Austin Texas) is out for blood tonight and everyone feels it in the air….and as for me, I’ve planted myself on the right side of the stage, directly beneath the lovely lady bass player. I’m staring at her well worn sneakers, watching her punk attitude, and caught off guard by all the colourful  tattoos that she’s supporting on her right arm.

This shorter hair look is a brand new  for her, and she looks cute as hell with her red lipstick as bright as a phosphorescent dynamo working in the darkened room. Her name is Caroline “Laloca” Rippy ( from San Antonio Texas) and trust me, she’s a professional musician in every respect.

Which leave the drummer now to introduce Alfredo Ortiz from Los Angeles, California. He worked from the time he sat on that drum stool until the last note was played that evening. Excellent job, and a dedicated musician doing what he does best.


The Concert:

I have to say straight away, that unlike other concerts we have attended, this is the first one where we came knowing only  two songs associated with this band. Looking back now they only played “After Dark” and not the one from Roadhouse (Don’t Throw Stones”). So this is new to us and many others here tonight as well.

The band kicked off their long set with “In My Car” which we liked very much. The next three songs followed suit, and then they really got up to speed with “Machete” – “Murder” and “Pretty Wasted”. Louder and more rockers. My personal favourite was “Motorcycle Girl” to which Caroline sang with passion and supported with excellent background vocals.

Down the line we have, “Monsters” – “Clumsy” and  the now famous Tito anthem “After Dark”.  The rest of the set rolled on with high energy, with a happy band and audience combined. Tito talked with us and not at us, it became a personal thing and really made everyone comfortable. So much so that we really got the feeling that it was just an intimate party of friends, all here to have a good time….nothing more, nothing less than that. Simple and uncomplicated.

The next song is from their brand new cd titled “Back Into The Darkness” called “Come Out Clean” a song I also really like. During this famous hit song “After Dark” Tito started holding out his hand and  helping women get up onto the stage with him, including my Brigitte who was the second one carried up on stage and about thirty other people from the audience. The band kept playing the song throughout this extended interlude.

Anyone who wanted to was allowed and encouraged to join in with Tito and the band on stage, this lasted for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Everyone loved it. It may be a part of the act but it didn’t look or feel that way, because the offer to interact was truly genuine / from the heart. This is one band that really cares about their fans! 


A few more songs and the concert came to a fantastic climax. Shortness of breath, hands sore from applauding so ferociously, and a band that left everyone drained and speechless. I don’t remember any encores, and there was no need for any, once finished you just knew that they gave it their all! The band left the stage, out the back door and went back to their gigantic tour bus. Brigitte and I entertained the notion to visit the bus and have a chat with the band and acquire a few respectful autographs, but the time just didn’t seem right to me, and Brigitte is very uncomfortable going it alone, so we just headed home. In fact I still owe her an apology, for leaving so quickly right after the show, as we usually stick around and talk with other fans, have a drink or two. But for some strange reason, I felt very uncomfortable there, and I just knew it was time to run from the shadows that were running from themselves in this very smoke filled, humid and hazy room. Filled with vampires, skeletons, cross bones and skulls peaking around every corner!   


Final Comment:

Is about Tito Larriva. With his wet sweaty hair hanging all over his face, this man could easily be mistaken for a mass murderer, on the run from a State Penitentiary or worse yet, A County Work Farm. His concert photos resemble a fugitive who’s been hiding for a week in the swamps of Louisiana. Never judge a book by its cover they say, Tito is the nicest man that you’ll ever meet. This coming from our friend Joe Gooch, guitarist with the band Ten Years After. We’ve never heard one negative thing about him, only positive and we hope this review reflects that same sentiment as well. Would love to see him and the band here again for a return visit to Germany!   We recommend everyone make the effort to see him live in concert, and tell him that Brigitte and Dave sent you !!! 

by Dave Willey  







































Photo by Anke









All Photos by Brigitte & Dave  (except Anke's)


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