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TITO & TARANTULA  Concert Review

by Dave and Brigitte

Thursday July 15, 2010

We got to the venue a little later than we would have liked, but we had full access to the front of the stage. I found a chair and set myself right in front of Tito’s microphone stand, opened my bottles of water and had a chat with the same people who were here the last time we came to see this band. Some of them are Ten Years After fan as well.

It’s a full house, if you consider the size of the room and all the sardines that are packed into it. There are about twenty people less tonight than there was the last time we were here. It makes no never-mind, because we’re all here to have a good time.

 The weather for the last month has been hot here in Germany, but last night a little cold front came pushing through. It’s still summer warm, and in this room it’s hot and humid. So much so, that two thirds of the way through the concert, the venue staff came around with buckets of ice for us to rub on our heads, arms, necks and backs – in order to cool off, rather than possibly pass out. After the concert, when the room was empty, there was a quarter inch of water and sweat covering the entire floor. So what about the concert you ask – well, here tis!


The Concert:

You’ll be able to see the set list, the band and the fans on Brigitte’s photo page.

The show started a little bit late as usual. The band came in through the back door entrance to the stage, the difference between this concert and the last one, is that the band and the audience now know each other. No longer strangers with something to prove or show, band and audience are now on equal turf, and that is the perfect arrangement.

Tito is handed a guitar, he plugs it in, with the girl bass player plucking a note or two, the drummer who looks like a Buddy Miles clone, and the guitarist checking out his instrument – are suddenly ready to slap it into gear. Tito sets the tone and the pace, and then their off and running at break-neck speed. They blast through the first number and then jump right into the next one, by the third song, Tito starts talking with the audience through jokes, stories and little inaudible quips to himself.

As the concert progressed, I began to notice one peculiar thing, Tito didn’t rest, towel off or complain at all. He did mention that Germany was hotter than his home town in Mexico, as he grabbed a mouthful of water. He played straight through and enjoyed every minute of it. You could tell that he was tired and a little bit under strain, but being the true professional that he is, he gave it his all until the end of the show.


The Audience All Stars:

Towards the end of the night, Tito invites members of the audience to come up and join him and the band onstage. This is Brigitte’s second time doing this, along with about thirty other people. Tito starts jumping up and down, dancing around and so does everyone else up there!

Great fun was had by all, on stage and in the audience. 

Another song or two, followed by one encore and it all comes to a happy conclusion.



The floor is covered in water, we’re all covered in sweat, as the crowd disperses very quickly. Most to the bar, some to the merchandise stand and others go outside to smoke. We have the pleasant advantage to chat with the venue owner for a little while, as he is smiling from ear to ear! He told us that Tito and band so much enjoyed playing there a year ago that they were all really looking forward to returning their to play again. The owner and the band have a good working relationship, that it’s a win - win situation for everyone involved – most of all (us) the audience…we couldn’t be more delighted!

While Brigitte is in conversation, I visit the merchandise table for a quick look see what’s available. I was talking with some friends of ours while catching all the activity going on around me. To my happy surprise, the band is coming in to sign autographs and visit with us, all except Mr. Tito himself that is…he’s reported to be sleeping, and who am I to doubt it.

The drummer has a very strong resemblance to Buddy Miles, and I mention this to him as I pat him on the back at the same time. He looks at me and laughs out loud, funny you should say that, as I was just listening to Buddy this afternoon, right before we arrived here.

The lady bass player is supporting a colourful array of tattoos, on her right arm. I then noticed that her fingers are so damn tiny, I mean like miniature fragile little digits, but they must be strong to play the way she does. I speak with her for about ten minutes, my first question being, which of these men belongs to you (meaning band members), she laughs and says none, my man is in Texas, she laughs….which causes me to laugh too, but not with her, but at her, in a friendly way, because to go along with her tiny hands, she also has the voice of Minnie Mouse, right out of a Walt Disney Cartoon…..she’s just adorable, when I expected her to sound like Janis Joplin with cackling laugh and all……in fact, to be honest she sounds like Marilyn Monroe.

Up jumps the guitarist of the band, out of nowhere, and I ask him to sign our websites guestbook, if he would please. He did so with a happy heart, then we talked a little bit.

He’s from California and was in other bands with Tito. He showed me which cd’s he played on, from the ones that I showed him. You can tell that he likes being a member of this band and it wasn’t only me that he spent time with, as he worked the room spending time and talking with anyone who had the desire for an autograph or conversation, he obliged.


This was our night out with Tito and his Tarantulas – if you ever get the opportunity to see them live on stage and meet them in person, please don’t hesitate to do so!!!  



























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