Linz, Austria - 11 October 2007


Many Thanks to 
Luky Schrempf
for his excellent photos and fine contribution






































Ten Years After Live at the POSTHOF  in Linz, Austria
October 11, 2007


Concert Review:

Ten Years After once again plays in front of an enthusiastic and energetic crowd of fans.

Our friend and concert promoter Luky Schrempf  is in the audience right in front of centre stage and filming the entire event, thus the reason why I can do a follow up with this concert review, having not been there in person. I hope you like it just the same.

  Luky has been friends of Ten Years After for many, many years now. His son (Alvin Shane) played drums for Alvin Lee’s band when he (Alvin) was playing in the area. Ric, Leo and Chick have all watched Luky’s son grow and develop into a man and respectable drummer and fellow musician. 

  So, on this night it’s like a family affair, taking place in Luky’s own venue surrounded by his close friends, Ten Years After fans, and in an intimate environment. 


The Set List In Review:

  1. Working On The Road – the opening number, and as the band takes the stage in pitch black darkness, the fans start calling for Joe – Joe- Joe right away. As the music starts, Joe is now seen facing Ric Lee and then turns around to greet the waiting audience. Joe provides some excellent guitar work throughout the number and I don’t say that lightly, he’s pouring it on in every riff, note and chord he plays. Joe and band set the pace for what’s to be another great concert in their 2007 itinerary.
  2. King Of The Blues – follows the fast paced opener with another high energy rocker. It’s Joe and Chick that stand out on this song, working off of each others playing superbly and flawlessly. Excellent, seamless exchange of licks and riffs.
  3. Hear Me Callin’ – slows the pace down just a little, but not the crowds enthusiasm as they start clapping right along with Ric’s drum beats. Joe took an extra minute before entering the songs catchy riff, and it was again flawless right to the end.
  4. Angry Words – the stand out performance here is Leo’s exceptional bass guitar work, while Chick and Joe also contribute some gifted, brilliant and inspired work on their own, to make this an emotional and stellar song from start to finish.
  5.  Big Black 45 – now we’re back to another great little rocker out of the Leo Lyons collection, from his band “KICK”. Not only is it a great song in its own rite, but in this case it’s the middle interlude that really stands out. Joe slows it down and adds some fine guitar work that flows right along in a fluid succession, that the audience loves right off. Chick steps forward to the stage and joins the audience in raising their hands and clapping in appreciation. Because of this interlude break in the middle, it gives this older song a new life, Leo’s face is alight with pride as can be plainly seen in the film footage. Perfectly done!
  6. I’ll Make It Easy For You – once again the band slows it down with a great blues number. Joe once again does an excellent job on this song. His playing is bluesy as it should be, and his guitar work goes from quietly fluid and tasteful to strings on fire with a strong emphasis on power and passion that propel the song along to the finish.  If I had to pick one song that introduces Ten Years After “NOW” to the world, this would be the song and performance.
  7. The Hobbit – Ric Lee’s  well tested and performed drum solo, for young and old alike. The old folks recognize it and remember it, and the younger folks are being treated to and introduced to it as new material, so it works for everyone, on both levels. On this night Ric appears to be ready to give it his all, and he does an outstanding job with it, although after his performance he states “I only got two hours sleep last night”….but no way would you have suspected that beforehand as he played his heart out all the way through. Ric has never been a bang and thrash kind of drummer, he’s always been an accurate and subtle kind of English bloke on the kit – reserved yet entertaining, professional yet playful. This evening his playing is more along those lines. If he was in his basement playing just for fun and pleasure, and it was being filmed, this is probably what you’d see.  The highlight of his performance is in his technique on the  cymbals. From making them ring with as much force as he could muster in the beginning, to now playing with them like a teaser and not a fire cat. It’s also a good chance for him to catch his breath, but the effort expounded doesn’t diminish in the least. Power and brute force is replaced by total concentration and finesse that’s needed to keep the audience focused and enthralled by his dexterity and brilliance. If your not into what the drummer (any drummer) is trying to project, and he’s lost you in the process, that’s such a shame. Ric’s   professional  approach, personal charisma, combined with his childlike manner and his sense of humour are what keeps his audience focused, enthralled and spellbound. From the top of the drum kit, to playing the support legs at floor level he covered every inch of that unit. Playing the cymbals with his hand toward the finish was above and beyond the energy he had left – two hours sleep and he played like this, outstanding Ric!!! 
  8. Love Like A Man – the band found the groove in no time flat, the audience was ready as well, and everyone rocked. Joe once again did an excellent job, he was working in and out of the groove with his fills. Super fast and accurate, pushed the song right along. The entire band jumped right on this song, stayed right in the groove and never let up. Just fantastic!
  9. I’d Love To Change The World – this time Joe played the entire song on electric guitar. The band does an excellent job together, flawless and perfect.
  10. Good Morning Little School Girl – it’s Leo’s bass solo that starts the song off, right into a Ten Years After Jam Session. Joe jumps in just at the right moment which leads Joe and Leo running  supersonic scales in unison – hyper-speed is where it’s at. Towards the end of the song Joe has added some new guitar effects and the entire band is cooking right along to its conclusion.
  11. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes – I have to be honest here, I’m  tired of the length of this song, no matter how well done it’s performed. I think Joe might consider sitting down with an acoustic twelve string guitar and improvise as he sees fit, to milk all the feeling and passion out of it – in fact the entire band should do a round circle – centre stage and enjoy themselves. By this time in the set, the audience would appreciate this kind of change up…more intimate and personal. Twenty minutes of band relating to audience – with the audience in the palm of their hand.

Joe’s guitar work was very fluid and emotional, he paced himself very well using a wide variety of jazzy blues riffs to set the tone. Although Joe isn’t being rushed the pace is already faster than usual and increasing rapidly. My only criticism here, is sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much. So much so, that the music and watching Joe play all become a blur, and the feel gets lost in the process, (not unlike the ones performed by his predecessor in years gone by) . In defence of this, it goes down well performed live, as the audience has no objection. The song comes to its final stop, and all is well, no damage done.

       12 .I’m Goin’ Home – all I can say here, is the band and audience both  enjoyed the                      

             time spent rocking and rolling along.

           The Encore – “Reasons Why” well done and a good ending number here.   


In conclusion – a great time was had by all, the audience was great and the band proved once again why they’ve lasted so long. Ten Years After is quality and  perfection. A real band, with really good people keeping it together, and a friend /  promoter who’s just a fan like ourselves, and loving every minute of it !                   


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