TEN YEARS AFTER at Komplex, Schüttorf - 14 April 2007


Abstract artwork created by TYA and Siena Root






Leo riding high









See how fast a chick can make Chick move?




TEN YEARS AFTER LIVE in Schüttorf, Germany

Saturday APRIL 14, 2007  

This time we pick up Reinhard, do the driving and surprise him with a free ticket to the concert. This to repay him for all he does for me, burning cd’s and finding me a lot of old lost music needed to add to my collection. He’s spent many an hour tracking down music and filling my request sheet.

So, this time we head towards Osnabruck. I don’t remember much about the ride to get there, so it must only have been less than a two hour drive and all straight driving. I drive while Brigitte and Reinhard figure out the road map. 

Once there, I do remember that we had to wait in the bar area for awhile, Reinhard went for a walk outside to find the fair grounds for another upcoming event that he will attend. I saw our friend Anita coming  in and I greeted her at the ticket counter. I should also mention that the people who work in this venue were very helpful and understanding, as they allowed us to leave our box of  road supplies with them until the concert. 



They were a good combination: TEN YEARS AFTER and SIENA ROOT. We saw them at the Burg Herzberg Festival in 2005 where we went to see TYA. Siena Root is a 1960's psychedelic based band with a female singer. She is a little girl with a great voice who can belt out a tune.

While SIENA ROOT were scheduled to go on first, Ten Years After ran into some travel conflicts that forced them to make a big request of  Siena Root. In the end Ten Years After had to go on first and then Siena Root followed. 



Under these rushed conditions, TYA adjusted just fine, but you could also feel a sense of urgency in their performance. They covered all the bases, played their hearts out and worked their asses off, for about an hour and  fifty minutes, and still left the audience wanting more.

 The room was packed, wall to wall and there were people there that have become regulars over these last five years, always good to see them. Writers and photographers old fans, young fans, and new fans.

This concert is on a Saturday night and the vibe here is great!

 Through the set list the band goes. The audience is rocking and rolling right along. The overall energy level from band to audience and back again is consistent. In short, band and audience are one. The band plays, the audience gets off on the music. The audience shows it’s loud appreciation, and all the band members get off and are well rewarded.  


  SIENA ROOT at Komplex, Schüttorf



























Drumsolo "flambé"



 Photos by B&D


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