TEN YEARS AFTER  at "De Buitenpoort Blues Festival"

Huissen, NL - 16 May 2008


Photos by Jacco Bosman www.bluesshots.nl
and benyesblues  Benno Arends



































Woodstock legend TEN YEARS AFTER shines during Buitenpoort Blues Huissen 16 mai 2008

"We really enjoyed playing in the Buitenpoort Huissen" said Leo Lyons, bassist of Ten Years After, after the end to Benno Arends promoter, and together with Herman van Gellecum organizer of Buitenpoort Blues. The third Buitenpoort Blues  had on May 16 2008, the legendary Woodstock band in Huissen. After the excellent acoustic set of the promising young, from Cork (Ireland) coming guitarist Brian Tambling saw a sellout audience in the hall a fantastic action by the British band. The three veterans Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill and Ric Lee in 1969 Woodstock played flat, with from Wales coming man the young guitarist Joe Gooch showed that they still are good musicians. Enthusiastically and with great dynamism they give the public in a whirlwind two-hour show. Nothing was left to chance so let Benno know. A whole schedule, everything goes smoothly, he had made for that day to be cheerful after the end of this unique evening. And so was the reaction of the audience, which seemed to many a reunion. A mixed-blood company saw Joe Gooch in a more than worthy successor to Alvin Lee. The band brought a mix of new and old material that on this evening came as cakes. The opening including the swinging bluesnummer "King of the Blues" made sure the audience knew they were good value for their money. Followed by well-known songs like "Here me calling, Good morning little school girl, Hobbit and of course I'm going home". Joe Gooch gave the feeling as if all the songs were written yesterday and ensured that the band played as if the band was formed last week. After the insurmountable encore, there was still a half hour continuous signing of this place without rasmuzikanten Star, left the audience below and slowly but met in the early hours of the Buitenpoort. A portion of ticket sales goes as always to Buitenpoort Blues to a charity. Soon a check will be handed over to St. Make a Wish.
Buitenpoort Blues
Benno Arends







Many Thanks to Benno Arends and Jacco Bosman  www.bluesshots.nl for  the wonderful photos and review

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