Eschweiler,  29 August 2008
Photos and Concert Review by ANITA RANISCH


 Photos and Concert Review by Anita Ranisch

Eschweiler Musik Festival – EMF 

28.8.2008 I started my trip to EMF Eschweiler about 6.00 p.m. right after work from Berlin-Tegel to Cologne and arrived in Eschweiler around midnight with my "feathers slightly ruffled up"! The plane was 2 hours late, another hour waiting at Cologne for the next train to Eschweiler, heavy rain there and no taxi … Luckily for me I got in thanks to a local native named Hans. He gave me a lift to my hotel and in route we talked about the reason for my coming to Eschweiler. He did know about Ten Years After, of course. What a great band he used to listen to in the sixties, seventies! But he learned from an EMF flyer that Alvin Lee is no longer with the band. "Do you really think it works without him?" he asked me. I don't think so - I know it! There is only one answer: go and see for yourself!

29.9.2008 I spent the sunny day  walking around till early afternoon. Then I returned back to the hotel to rest my feet and prepare for the festival in the evening. I was promised a press-card by the organizer of the EMF (thanks to Max Krieger Management GmbH) which I had to collect from the office, so I started out again about 4 p.m. This office was near the stage. I got the chance to watch TYA doing their sound check for awhile. I was so glad so see them all again: Ric, Chick, Leo, Joe, Tom, Wölfie, Sander and his brother (?). Everyone was in a good mood, laughing, fooling around, except for Wölfie - Seems that something was wrong with the sound system? It looked like this any way. I had a short conversation with Joe and Chick. Joe told me about the secret of this little white toy sitting on his amp. 

I think the time before a gig is dedicated to band-business and I didn't want to get on their nerves. So I decided to have a big cup of ice-cream.

First act of the EMF was the native band "Grenzgänger", then Tony Spinner and his band entered the stage. You know, the part time guitar player and high harmonies voice of TOTO! They did a great job and have been the right opener for Ten Years After. Especially I did like their version of Led Zeppelins "Black Dog".

TYA started their performance in time at 9.15 p.m. with "Working On The Road". The crowd was enthusiastic from the beginning on! I saw a young man "dancing around" while sitting in his wheel-chair! No songs from "Evolution" on the set list apart from "Angry Words". Leo again announced the release of the CD for September, but Chick made it more precise: could be October or November or December or Easter of next year … Well, I think when the CD is finished, we will get it! The sound really wasn't as brilliant as usual, the big building opposite the stage was most likely to blame for it.

After the show I spent some time with Leo, Tom, Joe and Chick. Ric was busy as usual. The warm summer night reminded me of this night after the show at Rockhal/ Esch-sur-Alzette one year ago. What a great time we all had there in Luxembourg! I wonder if there will be another opportunity to celebrate such a party again!

On the way back to my hotel I found my new friend Hans sitting with some guys at the "Kleiner Gürzenich". He proudly showed me his copy of "Roadworks". "You're right" he said to me "TYA is still alive, still a fantastic band, better than ever! And the new guy on guitar is a jewel, no, better than that  he's a wizard!. What ever, we all had a lot of fun and that's what it's all about, isn't it !

Before we said good bye Hans told me that he was going to watch the next TYA gig in Verviers as well.

Hi Anita,

Thank you very much for your excellent review and photos from your latest concert with

Brigitte & Dave


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