TEN YEARS AFTER at "Zeltspektakel"
Wendlingen,  11 October 2008
Photos and Concert Review by THOMAS HENZLER
















 Photos and Concert Review by Thomas Henzler

Wendlingen near Stuttgart, Saturday 11-th, after a sunny day. A small circus-tent, space for about 500 people. Half of the tent with the typical circus-benches opposite of the stage. 

The first band "Roger-n-stuff" plays jazzy blues as a nice warm up and at 09:30 it's time for two hours of TYA. The openers "reasons why" and "king of the road" don't fail to speed up the
minds of the crowd. But it seems as if the people are a little tired already, the tent is hot, but not steaming like some other times. 

Chick is really good looking this evening, I don't think that I have seen him this relaxed before.
The solos prove it with playing perfection. Joe and Leo with a professional routine, giving the crowd what they seek. Of course, Ric after "the Hobbit", chats with the crowd and tells them that they've been good friends with Mick Fleetwood, who played here the day before. The friendship goes as far back as the 1960's, which makes the crowd laugh out loud. 

Now the big surprise: The new album "Evolution" will be out end of November!
And, guess what: the live-DVD shall be out in January! 2009!

After the show, of course the band came to the merchandise area and took about 30 Minutes for giving autographs. Unlike big stars, the band was standing in a never ending shower of flash lights, signing everything handed them. 

Joe was even asked to sign the "Cricklewood Green" and "Undead" LP-albums! 

Some of the people who I talked to, came to see TYA for the second or third time, bringing friends along. 

So here's my final words for this evening: quality sells!

Thanks to Thomas Henzler for another excellent job.
We are very grateful for your photos and concert review.


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