24. September 2009

Photos by Thomas Henzler




The Spectrum Club in Augsburg was full up to the roof. I've never seen so many people in there, even Russ Ballard or John Waite didn't fill the hall that much. I assume more than 500 people in there. Most of them had seen TYA before, even the guys where I stood recognized me. Except the security guy, who didn't recognize Ric at the entrance. So Ric went to the TYA poster and pointed at his picture to proof who he is, with a smile on his face. 

The support act was Matthias Kellner from Regensburg, who has a nice airplay-performance with his rock hit. He really managed to rock the place.

But the crowd went really mad when TYA appeared. The first riffs from "Working on the road" produced a continuous wave in the crowd. Honest, the crowd was great and that's what the band realized quick. After the show the signage time just didn't end. But what a surprise! There it is, the new live DVD!

Now, for all you TYA fans out there, here's your unique chance. The band is going to change the setlist and you're welcome to make propositions, what you would like to hear in future.

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Full House

Many Thanks to Thomas Henzler for sharing his photos with us

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