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Keith Christmas Live and in Action


Focused and Really Into the Music


The Audience and Keith Really Into It Together


Intense and Content With His Performance


No Folks - Keith is not going to do a swan dive into the audience, this isn't mosh-pit material.
He is taking a  full heartfelt bow to a very happy audience! 


 Sybille is about to introduce Ten Years After to the stage


Sybille soaking it all in and saying a little prayer of thanks at the same time


Pre Concert Preperations - Hello Sander


Mr. Thomas Lyons In Charge - Hi Tom


Checking It Out For Chick


Ladies and Gentleman Please Welcome Ten Years After


The One and Only Mr. Chick Churchill


Hi Chick - We All Love Ya!


Leo Lyons - Joe Gooch 


Getting Up To Speed - One Happy Unit Having Fun


Making The Magic Happen


A Great Photo - Thanks Anita


Keeping  The Ten Years After Sound Fresh - Always


A True Professional




Working Up A Sweat


Anita Caught The Moment - Brilliantly


Hello Mr. Lyons - Great Job Joe




Leo Lovin´ It All


This Is One Of The Best Photos Ever - Poster Material 


Check Out The Drum Stick - Joe In Action and Chick Making It Happen


Catching The Atmosphere Of The Evening


This Is What Ten Years After Is All About - Rocking To The End Of The Night! "I'm Going Home"!


Beautiful Glow - Can You Feel The Power and Passion of  The Band


Long Shot Photo - The Audience Is Totally In Tune


A Longer Shot of Audience and Band - Says It All


Beautiful Shot Anita!


Smile Leo - The Man Is Always Happy - On Stage and Off


Mr. Ric Lee - Thinking In French Before Opening His Mouth - Hi Joe - and Thanks!


I Love This Photo - Brothers In Arms - Over 40 Years and Counting........Best of Friends!


Happy Birthday  To You - Thank You Everyone - and Good Night One and All


Photos by Anita - Captions by Dave

Concert Photos Friends & Fans Photos
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