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Canned Heat 


Jefferson Starship


Cathy Richardson  (Jefferson Starship)


Paul Kantner (Jefferson Starship)


Joe Gooch (Ten Years After) and Jeff Pevar (Jefferson Starship)






  TYA Heroes of Woodstock, Los Angeles

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late posting on this event. Saw TYA at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles last Sunday. Can't believe this was my first time at such a perfect summer venue. The seats were comfortable, ample leg room for tall people (not me, my husband), excellent acoustics, a warm summer night with interesting smells wafting over the air and a very mellow, well behaved, appreciative audience who were ready for a good time.

TYA came on after Canned Heat who received loud cheers for "On the Road Again" and "Goin' Up the Country". They were really very good and deserved the huge applause.

TYA opened with Love Like A Man, followed by 50,000 Miles. I was so excited to see them after a couple of years, I might have the set order wrong! King of the Blues definitely served notice we were going to be rocked & rolled.

Leo and Joe brought the house down on Schoolgirl and Going Home. Their chemistry is powerful and full of energy. It was stunning to witness and the audience roared in appreciation, especially at the end of Schoolgirl which they pounded out with such vigor, I'm surprised they could still stand up after it. I know I was exhausted just watching them!

Another crowd pleaser was I'd Love to Change the World, when the band brought out Starship guitarist Jeff Pevar on acoustic guitar. It was a lovely touch and went over well with the audience.

During the set there were some technical problems with Leo's amp and Chick's keyboards came off the stand while he was playing. Talented fellow that he is, he managed to get it back on and tighten up the screws, without missing a beat. The crowd loved his air guitar playing on Going Home.

Since they had a short set, we were not treated to a solo by Ric.

Dave, I can't believe it has been 7 years since Joe joined TYA! He has matured into a fine guitarist and a real showman who is completely at home heading up TYA. When Ric introduced him and commented he had done an admirable job filling "some pretty big shoes", the audience cheered in approval and there were chants of "Gooch, Gooch" ringing out through the darkness. Joe continues to be a charming and humble young man. The success has not gone to his head, but he has good role models with Ric, Leo and Chick.

There were long lines at the merchandise tables with fans waiting to meet the band and have posters and things autographed. One guy brought a beautiful white Fender for the band to autograph.

The night ended with an unexpected, totally fun finale with all the bands on stage together performing A Little Help From My Friends with the singers from Big Brother & The Holding Company and Jefferson Starship on vocals. Joe was smack in the middle of all those legendary musicians, doing a fantastic job on guitar, looking every bit the rock star. Ric was having a great time playing drum duet. I can't remember who the drummer sitting on the stool was!

So now they head back to you lucky guys in Europe. Looking forward to reading your reports.

Cheers! Jan


Our Thanks to Jan and Ron Jones for the concert review and wonderful pictures

 Re: TYA Heroes of Woodstock, Los Angeles

From Jan Jones:

Oops.....forgot to send a "hello" to the lovely young ladies from Denmark and Germany who journeyed from Arizona to the Los Angeles event. They are doing volunteer work at the Grand Canyon and took a Greyhound bus to the event and back. They have seen TYA in Germany many times and didn't want to miss them in the US. What dedicated fans this band has!


From Ela:

Hey Jan,
I was so glad reading your entry. Yeah, we really had a great time at the concert. our way back to Flagstaff was a bit exhausting but nevertheless it was worth it. I think you must have been the guy from San Diego!?
Wish you all the best,
Ela from Germany and Eva from Denmark


From Jan:

Hi Ela,

Great to hear from you. Yes, that's us - Ron and me from San Diego. I was a bit worried about how you got back to your hotel after the concert because it was so late. There was a coyote walking around the car park as we were walking back to our car parked up in the wilderness!
Hope you are not working in the heat up in Flag. The temperature here has been in the high 30s celsius all week.
Take care and we hope to see you and Eva again if we make it to one of the European concerts.

All the best, Jan and Ron




Many Thanks to Ela from Germany for her great pictures



Ric, Leo and Joe with Ela from Germany 






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