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The Magic Remains The Same:

Ten Years After, Live In Hannover, Germany – Friday July 23, 2010

At the Musikzentrum – this concert was rescheduled from April 16, 2010 that was cancelled due to the volcanic disruption that forced the grounding of all flights at Heathrow airport.

 Our friend Reinhard, Brigitte and myself are ready to attend this concert. A Friday evening, an hour and a half trip up the A-2 autobahn and we’re there. We’ve been to this venue twice before, so we know the layout of the place very well, including the location of the back stage area.

 We arrive about a half hour before show time, 8:00 and catch up with the band backstage. I stay with them while Brigitte and Reinhard return to the front door with their tickets in hand.

Sander and his mother Jannie are also here, although his sister remained home this time.

 It’s a full house / sold out crowd and there’s an atmosphere of high energy in the air tonight.

Showtime and I follow the band to the backdoor of the venue, where the audience is already chanting for the band to come onstage. Within minutes, the band enters to roaring applause and a standing ovation from everyone in the room. The band plugs in and within seconds, they’re off and running once again.

 It doesn’t take very long before you realize that this isn’t just any concert, that the audience isn’t just any audience, and that this is a very special event. After years of seeing concerts in this area, I can tell you unequivocally, that the people in Hannover and the surrounding areas are the best people to rock and roll with bar none! We’ve always had a great time here, and tonight is no exception.

 The band finishes their first song and there is a ear shattering roar from the audience, that lasted well beyond the average length of an appreciative response. The band itself is caught slightly off guard by this overwhelming  attention, which caused an unexpected two minute delay in starting their next song. From that moment forward, the band kicked their performance level up a full notch. Thus making sure that their admiration for the audience was received and reciprocated in earnest.


Brigitte is front row, right in front of Leo, Reinhard is back row, checking out the sound, and I’m side stage by the sound board man, then moved to the staircase within five feet of Ric Lee as he was performing his “Hobbit” drum solo. Ric was on fire - a breath-taking performance by Ric: Amazing, Outstanding, Overwhelming, Unbelievable, Unforgettable! Excellent drumming, that causes your head to start spinning!  I am at a loss of words here … Please, Ric, do it again!!!! 

Sweating profusely all over his drum kit, so much so that after the cymbal solo part of the act, when he went back to the drums, water from his sweat was now flying off of the drum head – it would have made a great photo.


The Audience:

From my vantage point I can see the entire first row, right to the back wall of the venue, and all the people sitting up there in the balcony area. I see people playing air guitar, one man using both hands to imitate Chick’s keyboard playing, there’s one man to my right head-banging, with everyone else focused towards the stage. Focused, some towards Leo, others towards Chick, some watching Ric and the rest of the eyes glued on Joe’s finger work.

 This brings us to “I Can’t Keep From Cryin´ Sometimes”….and this audience was not only ready for it, but really got into the heart of the song. They really liked the jam section, where anything can and does happen. The band changes it up each time they perform it. It lasted, what seemed like fifteen minutes, which then went right into Good Morning Little School Girl. The band also played I’m Coming On, Slip Slide Away, Angry Words, I’m  Going Home and Choo – Choo – Mama…….   


The Aftermath:

During the concert, I watched the audience with intense fascination. The passion and power that a large crowd can generate on a good night. I watched people in the front row singing right along with every song the band played. There was one little girl, about 9-11 years old, singing “one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go” to her father who was standing on her right hand side, as the band rocked in the middle of I’m Going Home. I watched her and her father on and off throughout the evening. I decided that after the band left the stage I’d hand her the set-list sheet and one of Joe’s guitar picks from off the stage floor. Well, the road crew put the set list sheets away before I could acquire (steal) one for her, but I did walk across the stage pick up the guitar pick that Joe was using, and bent down to head it to the girl, who was in shock as what to do – accept it or fear a stranger with good intent! Finally, she held out her hand and I placed it in her palm….while twenty other hands were pleading for the same treatment. I did manage to pick up three more and hand them out to the audience, making a few of them very happy indeed.



I sat with Sanders mother and Leo. Fifteen minutes later Brigitte, Reinhard and Hans-Jörg Freier entered the room. Before the concert we asked Leo (first by email) and then in person if the band would be willing to donate some items for a Kindergarten Project that Hans-Jörg was doing at his own expense and time. So it was arranged and Hans-Jörg was given Tee Shirts and CD’s from the band, and we contributed one of Ric’s drum heads that was autographed by everyone in the band. We hope he has great success with his project. Our sincere thanks to Leo Lyons in particular, and all the members of Ten Years After for their support in helping our friend reach his goal to help others. 


In Conclusion:

The band never sounded better.

The audience were like a happy family.

The venue was sold out, and even the people in the balcony area were standing in respect for

Ten Years After’s solid gold – stellar performance this evening.

Ten Years After at their most powerful best!!!



















Hans-Jörg Freier 




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