at "Eltzhof" Köln
9 November 2012

Photos by Peter B. Mand

TYA Concert Photos Pre/After Concert Photos






Where Am I? -  Ooops Wrong Planet! - Say, Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?


You Could Not Ask For Better Friends


Theo - Brigitte - Lionel - Diana


The Girls Pow-Wow


Erdme, Diana, Sybille - All Stunned by TYA's Great Performance



Great Young Band "De Wolff" From Holland  and Damn Proud To Be On The Same Bill With Ten Years After


Two Excellent Guitarists and Vocalists Exchanging Notes


Chick Churchill Signing Autographs and Always Surrounded By Adoring  Female Fans


Brigitte and Chick In A Normal Relaxed Moment


A Very Happy Group - Our  Special  Ten Years After  Fan Club


They Are All Heart And Soul - You Could Not Ask For Better Women To Be Around


Always Keeping An Eye On The Scene - Looking For That Special Unique Moment


Mr. Joe Gooch and Ms. Sybille Also Known As "The Queen" Of The Ten Years After Family


Mr. Ric Lee - Just Being His Lovable Self


Backstage After The Concert - Fancy  Free and Easy


The Perfect Photo - Their True Essence Is Brilliantly Expressed - Just Being Their Natural Selves! As We Know Them To Be In Person

On The Other Hand - Where Is Mr. Lyons? - Do These Three Rockers Look Guilty Or What!!!


Love The Look On Joe's Face - Chick Claims To Be The Number Printed On His Tee Shirt - Ric Being Ric - Leo Like A Little Kid


A Longer Shot Of Our Little Family From Behind The Scene


                                                PETER B. MAND (excellent Photographer)
                                                   together with his heroes TEN YEARS AFTER


The Whole Family Of Friends, Band Members and Loyal Die-Hard Ten Years After Fans


After The Concert - Winding Down - But Looking Like The Morning After - Beer For Breakfast!


Pay No Attention To The Person In A Dead Heap At The End Of The Table - Who The Hell Is That? Passed Out In The Juice


Please Ms. Sybille, Just Give Me One More Chance, Would I lie To You!


Hello Mr. Lyons - It Is What It Is At 3:30 In The Morning In A Smoke Filled Room


Ric Lee and Our Very Close Friend  Mr. Lionel Webb, All The Way From The United Kingdom


Many Thanks to Peter Mand for his excellent photos

Peter B. Mand's  Website


TYA Concert Photos Pre/After Concert Photos

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