at "Heimathaus" Twist
6 September 2013

Photos by Brigitte Scholz

Pre Concert / Review TEN YEARS AFTER TYA Fans







Tribute To The Spirit Of Woodstock

Review by Dave


Woodstock is indeed a living spirit, and this spirit was indeed in full force on this occasion. This is the fourth time that Ten Years After played at this venue, the first time was when Joe Gooch signed on as the brand new member of the band, playing his second gig here.

Getting here this evening was no problem at all, dodging most of the unstable stormy weather, and the traffic for a Friday was all heading in the opposite direction. We are to meet up with Martin Crich and his daughter, to which we all rolled in at about the same time, they were just a few spaces behind us in the snail-moving line. Martin and I have been exchanging emails for the better part of ten years and this is our first time meeting in person, Brigitte was so surprised to learn of our long pen-pal association over the years, she thought Martin and I were new to each other.   

As for Martin, not a grey hair on his youthful head, and he doesn’t look a day over 38, while my disappearing brown hair has been replaced by silver grey. Also, Martin and I started off our face to face meeting in an awkward way. We had to feel each other out, trying to find the best place to exchange information and stories. We just needed to let these things flow of their own accord, which worked out perfectly for us.


The first band was already performing when we entered the outdoor area, the Neil Young Mirror Band…and I have to say, they were excellent. I wondered to myself, who would want to sound like Neil Young? This singer was excellent and a real crowd pleaser for sure, the entire band were exceptional performers.

The second band were not my cup of tea, but quite a lot people in the audience thought differently of them and I definitely respected their opinion.  Martin and his daughter wandered in and out of the gigantic tent where the stage was located, and back to where I was sitting at the back wall, dodging the occasional raindrops. The evening was looking very ominous, dark with scattered lightning in the heavens above, but it all dissipated somewhere else, we all lucked out.

The third band was Ten Years After. It seemed to take quite awhile to get the stage sound adjusted, and up and running. From my vantage point the sound was good, loud and powerful, but lacking were Joe’s vocals. His guitar work was all there, as were the rest of the band’s instruments. The audience loved Ten Years After – after all, let’s be honest here, that’s why everyone was there in the first place, not to listen to cover bands, no matter how good they were. The band knew it too, there was no doubt. When they came on, the entire tent was packed full, with standing room only outside and trying to see the band in action.

The audience’s appreciation grew louder and louder at the end of every song. A thunderous roar, whistles and cheers filled the air. The band played their usual set list, while playing fatigued and road weary having just completed their first American Tour in 38 years (1975 - 2013) or if you count the (reunion tours, it’s less time away). They aren’t spring chickens ya know, yet they give it everything they’ve got to give in every performance.

The fourth band was MCM, the area in front of the stage was virtually empty after Ten Years After did their encore. This last band was as good as the first, owing their sound in tribute to Blood Sweat and Tears – Chicago and Chase! Yes folks, an excellent horn section, a good guitarist, bass player, excellent drummer and passionate vocals. Those of us left enjoyed the remainder of the event, it ended on a happy high note. 


The Special Moments:

We all had a great time, and somewhere along the line, we ended up on the same page with the enthusiasm of teenagers, relating various stores, and laughing at past, present and future to come. The youth of today looking at us older folks, not with respect and awe – but like funny dinosaurs of a long forgotten world. A world sealed over on a shelf with the only reference being “Woodstock”. I mistakenly thought that at this point in my life, I’d be filling in the missing pieces of the music, culture and the spirit of Woodstock Experience 1969 for them. This wasn’t to be, as the new generation is as we were to our parents in the hippie days of discovering, living life differently and pissing on their past of depression, poverty, prejudice and war after war! This generation is indifferent, immune, and totally pre-occupied with their technological advancements – hand-held / instant gratifications galore. It makes me think of the title of Robin Trowers album – “Twice Removed From Yesterday” – we were once removed from yesterday – today’s youth is  twice removed and beyond our comprehension. God Bless The Child Who Has Their Own!


Confronted By A Stranger:

When our little group was together and exchanging information and music stories, a woman was standing nearby listening. After awhile she moved in closer and asked a few questions, you should talk to my husband, he knows all about this stuff. After 45 minutes or so I decided to call her bluff, as no husband presented himself…you’re making it all up I suggested to her, I’ll get him for you and off she went into the tent to track him down. I soon saw that she wasn’t lying and here he was heading in our direction – with a dozen random distractions and detours he finally made his way over. He remembered me, but I didn’t recognize him at all, until he refreshed my memory – I then stood up and gave him a big hug, like finding a very old friend from the dusty past. His name is Martin and he was there with us at Joe’s second gig with Ten Years After here in Twist, he was also back stage with us and the band….it’s been many years in between that gig and this one. What a pleasant surprise this was. He also had a handful of cd’s to be autographed by the band, as before…and he wasn’t disappointed.

Add one more to our bench by the back wall!   

Martin and his daughter said their good-byes soon after Ten Years After finished their set. They had a long drive home….it all ended on a high note, a real pleasure to be their friends. We’ll do it all over again somewhere or another very soon.


Two More Strangers:

A man politely asked me if that was my bag sitting on the bench, yes sir, would you like to sit down – help yourself stranger. He was there with his woman and travelling companion, who was also a sweet woman…he worked as an engineer at a local television station….both I later found out were activist in the most intelligent and positive sense. We talked about everything under the sun, and listened to each other’s tales of politics, injustices and of course extensive music knowledge. We were all about the same age and loaded with pretty much the same experiences in life, morals, values and ideals. The three of us couldn’t be any closer, and it was great. They and Brigitte and I were almost the last to leave. During our conversation, Doug told me that he was at this same venue last year, and there were three times as many people as this year, but then again original Woodstock artist are getting fewer and farther between. Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane / Starship and others were present last year. My Thanks to Doug and Sally for their company!


The Long Good-Bye:

Did you ever try to leave a damn good party and everyone keeps delaying your exit by an hour or so? No one really wanted to leave, it was so great to see old friends again, while making new ones as well. We stopped at the bathroom and then got outside into the fresh air.

To our delight Ric Lee and Sander were just now coming out the front door. So good to see our good friends again, we got to ask Ric about their American Tour, and get the first hand accounting right from the man himself. Everything went well, he told us, but a shit load of work, it was hard on everyone in the band. I’m sure that Ric, Leo and Chick all wondered to themselves quietly and to each other – how the hell did they every do this in the past – and with so many consecutive tours. I also asked Ric about the release of his book, it’s coming dear boy he said, be patient! Christmas is coming I thought to myself. Ric also told Brigitte and I that the USA tour was extremely successful, even more so than they initially figured, which deserved a congratulations from us. So proud of them….the old guys still have what it takes – make no mistake about it!    Rock On Ten Years After!!!

Friends, Music and Song:

I was just looking at the 2013 Ten Years After Concert Section, and just discovered that this was our first TYA concert this year. Today as I write this is September 20, 2013 – for us, this will be a very lean / sparse year for us seeing the band. This Woodstock Special Event is one to remember, good friends, food and drinks….and not the slightest whiff of  marijuana in the place….coke-a-cola….beer and juice seems to have replaced  good old “Mother-Nature”.

Oh well, the times did change – didn’t they. The sad news is, the best isn’t yet to come, it’s been here and gone, and we got older as the years flew by. 


Mr. Pieper – Reinhard:  

Haven’t seen our concert companion in quite awhile, yet he always manages to show up at exactly the right time, tonight was no exception. As if we didn’t have enough excitement already, up he pops out of the clear blue. Sometime I believe that his real name St. Jerome!

He also informed me that we first met here roughly eight years ago and have been close friends ever since. I also wonder from time to time who knows more about music, him or I.

It really makes no never mind as what I don’t know, he does and visa-versa. It makes for great fun and learning – always. My hats off to you my friend – thanks for everything.


In Conclusion:

So much love, friendship and great memories. The spirit of Woodstock lives on in all of us. It was a moment in history, turning into the dust through the ages…yet it still rings true. It was by accident that the original happened at all…..it’s by planning that this event happened for the die hard music fan to enjoy…..Woodstock is sputtering to its final chorus, you can’t kick it alive forever – the magic and spirit is within us!















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Pre Concert / Review TEN YEARS AFTER TYA Fans

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