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9 December 2012

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Ten Years After – Live in Dortmund, Germany

December 9, 2012


The weather was typical for December, bringing in a cold, snow, sleet rain mixture. All in all, the travelling wasn’t so bad, just slow in some spots. We met Anita at the hotel, the same place where the band was staying. We walked in and sat down to talk with Michael,  the roadie, when Leo came down heading to the venue for the sound check. We had a short chat and off he went. After a while we decided to have an early dinner before the concert. We got in a taxi and went into the heart of town, to a restaurant about a block away from the venue. A venue that looked like any other building in this town, but must have a good reputation for putting on good shows, because it’s a Sunday night concert and the Ten Years After gig is “Sold Out”.


We enter the venue at 7:00 when things are just starting to get busy. Our first stop was at the merchandise area to say hello to our friend Udo. I walk inside the main stage area, and the first thing I see is three handicapped people in wheelchairs, waiting patiently – very patiently as the show is a long way off. I pulled up a chair and introduced myself to a woman named Heike. She, her male friend and I got to know each other in the next hour, very nice people.


The room was filling up quickly, people of every age and looking very eager and thirsty.

It didn’t take long before the main floor was packed full, everyone was friendly and happy for a Sunday evening. I sat over by the end of the stage, where all the equipment containers were stashed. I was out of the way and had a perfect view.


The band came on at exactly at the right time, prime time and the audience was now primed too. “I’m Coming On” opened the show, one of my favourites, followed by “King of the Blues”…  They played: “I’d Love To Change The World” – “Big Black 45” – “Bad Blood”

“I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes” – “Angry Voices” – “Love Like A Man”

“50,000 Miles Beneath my Brain” – “I’m Going Home”, Brigitte’s favourite “Time To Kill” and Joe called for two encores.

The band and the audience were as one happy unit. Ric got off his drum stool and took his drum sticks with him, tapping on inanimate objects as he went, and on one fans hands and head (an old fan of the band)…all in good fun. Ric explained later that Buddy Rich used to do this as part of his stage act. It was a wonderful change – up. Leo did a brilliant bass solo during “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” – and Chick was right on the money all the way through the show. He was working hard, giving it his all. He was in a good mood and happy and rested. As for Joe, he laid it all out in lavender. Smooth or fast – mellow or rocking he covered it all. He was impressive and energetic. The entire band was in a hyper groove – a happy mode and really put on one hell of a show to close out their 2012 tour schedule.


It was one of the best TYA concerts, if not THE BEST we’ve ever seen! Joe, Leo, Chick and Ric blew the audience away. The crowd was dancing, clapping their hands, stomping their feet, happily screaming, begging  for more encores.


The bar business was steady throughout. The fans were buying drinks for each other.

Dancing was still going on all over the room and everyone was certainly satisfied in every way. As I said, it was a Sunday evening, but I didn’t notice anyone leaving early or looking at their watches. That says a lot for the band and the audience. I listened to people talking, and it was all positive. I of course expected nothing less, and it made me proud. I left smiling!


We hung around, then Leo and Ric invited us upstairs where the backstage area was located.

Brigitte, Anita and I climbed the steep stairs to join them. We spent about 45 minutes there and then we all headed back to the hotel. Leo, Joe and I just settled into the bar area, with a long table and ordered our drinks at 23:45….only to learn that the bar closes at 24:00.

But we did manage to con the bar-maid into giving everyone another round of drinks, our thanks to them. Ric, Wolfie, Brigitte and Anita joined us for an hour of great conversation.

Our thanks to the band, for another great concert and quality time spent together.


About 2012 in music. There’s Ten Years After – Hundred Seventy Split and Ric Lee’s Natural Born Swingers. Three outfits that keep the fans happy, going from show to show.

One supports the other, the fans support all of them and everyone wins. There are cd’s, concerts, dvd’s and websites to help keep everyone in the loop. What really makes me happy is meeting the most loyal music fans in Germany, meeting the bands who pass through our region and most of all, seeing the youth of our age getting into the Classic Rock Music.

The music that I was raised on…passed on to the new music fans, who will follow in our footsteps, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. The transfer, the love of the music to our youth.

The look in their eyes, the red glow in their faces, and the smiles full of  joy. 


Heading Back Home:

Rain, wind and the cold continues. The highway has a few inches of hard rain on the pavement. Puddles in places like little ponds, causing hydroplaning if you’re not careful.

We’re always careful, no need to rush. It’s so much better going home in the middle of the night, only us and the truckers heading in the same direction. At one point the road started to freeze up, with a slick ice film, only for a short distance thank goodness. Our GPS told us that we would make it home by 3:00 – it was 2:59 when we rolled into the driveway.


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