Kulturwerkstatt, Buer
30 April 2008

Bluesgarage, Hannover
3 May 2008


DAVID GOGO at Kulturwerkstatt, Buer - 30 April 2008

Kulturwerkstatt Buer, Germany


Wednesday April 30, 2008

Opening Band for Robin Trower -


Review by Dave (www.ten-years-after.com)


The opening act is David Gogo from Canada. I was watching this man setting up his equipment prior to plugging in and playing. He just put a new set of strings on his well travelled guitar, and during the show he kept tugging on them in order to get them stretched out and loosened up a little bit. David is wearing a black shirt and leather pants, he looks like a likeable person showing no signs of arrogance in his body language. He goes about his business as he’s probably done a thousand times before.

To be honest, I’m not big on opening acts – thus the unfortunate phrase “Warm Up Band”.

But it has been my personal experience that these folks that open for the main event are sometimes as good if not better than the headliner – so I try to overcome this ingrained  prejudice and listen to what they have to offer.

David comes on stage, introduces himself  and proceeds to announce “I’m just going to bore you for twenty minutes or so” so here goes. He wasted no time in getting up to speed as he jumps right into the first song, with hard driving force and excellent guitar work – full tilt onward.

He’s now set the pace and heads right into the second and third songs. He takes a minute to tell us that the song “She’s Alright” featured the late / great guitarist Jeff Healey on the cd version, but David doesn’t elaborate on the subject, or about Jeff’s sudden passing – as time is ticking away quickly. Right into the next song he goes, this time it’s blues time, but first he needs to chug down his beer so that the empty bottle can now be used as a “bottle neck slide”. 

Another of my pet peeves is sloppy bottle neck guitar playing – David is far from that category – in fact he’s more than just proficient in the art of slide guitar, he’s a confirmed expert in the field.

One last song and his portion of the show is complete.

David – his backup band and the audience are all happy, and it’s thanks to David Gogo that the right atmosphere is now set for Robin Trower. 


David Gogo, more than just an "Opening Band"

We are looking forward to many more gigs from David this year in Europe.


All Photos © by Brigitte and Dave

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