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30 April 2008

Bluesgarage, Hannover
3 May 2008

DAVID GOGO at Bluesgarage Hannover, 3 May 2008

Blues Garage, Hannover, Germany - 3 May 2008

Review by Dave and Brigitte (www.ten-years-after.com)

While standing outside of the venue to buy our tickets I turn around and there is David Gogo standing to my left, what a pleasure it is to meet him again.

I asked him if he had more / different cd’s to sell as I’d like to buy another one tonight, having enjoyed the last one so much. I also ask him about Jeff Healey, who just recently passed away of cancer. I asked David if he worked with Jeff directly, in the studio, or? “Not exactly” David said, “I sent Jeff the tapes and he nailed the music perfectly”.

Then I asked David, did you know Jeff was so sick that he was going to die so soon? “Well we all knew that Jeff had had this cancer since birth and that’s what caused his blindness to begin with, on and off through the years the cancer would return and Jeff would beat it and return to the stage. When I came to Europe this year I saw posters that he would be playing here so I knew he was planning on another tour. Then the next thing I knew I was sitting in Canada flipping through the newspaper looking for the hockey scores and I fell upon the headline that said “Jeff Healey Dead of Cancer”….I was in shock, I thought he beat the cancer again – but this time it got him, and it’s such a shame, what a great loss.  The song that Jeff played on, is on David’s brand new cd entitled “Vibe” the song is called “She’s Alright”.

David and I then talk about his tour of Germany and his long time fan Linda, who is requesting more road notes from him to add to his website. At this point Brigitte and I also thanked David for taking the time to sign our guestbook on our website, which by the way he likes very much, as we also like his as well. Also a big Thank You for allowing us to take all the photos we wanted.

Having only met David twice, I can tell you this about him, he’s an extraordinary talent, a great singer and impressive songwriter….not only that, but he’s just a damn nice / likeable man to know. There’s just some people that you form a bond with automatically and he’s one of them. He’s also very quiet, thought driven and modest to the point of being almost unbelievably unreal….just a naturally normal honest person….refreshing to come by these days!

On stage, he doesn’t fiddle about with his equipment, never touches a dial on his amp, he just plugs in and goes for it. In between changing guitars he tells little road stories to the audience, such as these witty observations:

May 3rd, and this is the last day of this tour with Robin Trower, and David informs us that he’ll be glad to return to Canada, as he seems to be putting on too much weight over here.
“Every time we stop at a gas station, I eat schnitzel and sandwiches, and there’s also bourbon and coke in cans already mixed – alcohol in gas stations can you believe it - and beer, beer and more beer" - such is Germany!

"So here we are at the Blues Garage and isn’t it nice of Henry to set up a little food court for all the hungry fans, and the audience laughs in good humour at this remark, way to go Henry, the man is  no fool let me tell ya –cold drinks inside and good hot food outside, he’s got it covered!"

 After David’s set the audience is still loudly clambering for more of his fire-brand kind of guitar pyrotechnics…even five minutes after he stopped playing, the applause continued, and very enthusiastically I might add.

David packs up his prized possessions and retreats to the rear of the venue to meet and greet more of his new music converts (me included), as he now sells and signs his collection of cd’s that are available. I think he has come to realize that the German fans are one hell of a loyal bunch of music lovers, and trust me when I tell you, that no one is going to bullshit them, because if it’s not quality, top shelf, first class – it ain’t flying with them … make it here and you can make it anywhere on the music scene.

It also appeared to me that David was busy selling his wares, and signing autographs  throughout the entire evening. Talking to fans one after the other without any sign of fatigue, frustration, or boredom. The fans respect him and he respects them as well – that’s obvious!

 One last thing about David Gogo’s performance, it was perfect in everyway, the guitar work, the vocals, the sound everything. True unadulterated talent, set alight on stage, sets the evening on fire and it’s a shame when not enough time has been allotted for the artists to reach his / her climax in their performance. Such is the apology needed in this case…someone should make David Gogo the headliner and very soon at that! He can certainly fill the void left by Jeff Healey!!!


All Photos © by Brigitte and Dave

CD Reviews by Dave and Brigitte:


I just received his first cd recording in the mail. It's self titled "David Gogo" and it's from 1994, which a few days ago I misread somewhere as 1974 which would've made him five years old.
Either way the man is younger than my fifty three years of age, and more talented than his mortal years would lead you to believe.

The cd comes from EMI in Canada, but I bought it on ebay here in Germany, that alone saved time and money.
The track listing is as follows: 

1. Western Coast - 3:34
2. Deep End - 4:14
3. Bullet-Proof Vest - 3:24
4. MovinŽ On - 3:48
5. Somehow - 4:28
6. It's My Own Fault - 7:13
7. Play The Blues - 3:41
8. Learned The Hard Way - 3:37
9. The Slip - 3:15
10. You Are Here - 5:39
11. This Time - 3:29
12. Crawling Back To You - 4:27

So, where to begin? I never knew of David Gogo until 2008, although a good friend of ours has every one of his cd's in his collection. That alone was enough to spark my interest, in the man and his music.
I just finished listening to this first cd of his all the way through, and it's an impressive piece of work. The more I listen to it the more I appreciate what's in it. I'm also very thankful for what doesn't appear in the tracks. There's no fluff here, it's all straight ahead rock and roll and blues with some impressive acoustic playing strategically laced in to keep the entire recording demanding your undivided attention every moment.

What I hear, is unintentional homage being paid to David's early and present influences and I'd venture to say the following artist come through:
1. Johnny Winter - (Acoustic and Electric)
2. Ted Nugent - (from his "Call of the Wild" LP)
3. Joe Walsh - ( "James Gang Rides Again" Joe Walsh "So What" LP "Turn to Stone"
With strong traces of Joe Bonamassa - Gary Moore and Leslie West (even in the vocals).

If I were forced to narrow it down a little more it would probably go like this:
Thin Lizzy - Judas Priest - Mountain - Cream - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Early Scorpions "Lonesome Crow" perhaps - or "Always Somewhere"………and most of all I hear "The Allman Brothers Band" throughout … "Every Hungry Woman" and "Whipping Post"…… to name but a few.

It's all in there to my ears, but to the average listener it'll come across from their own personal experience and enjoyment. Either way your be touched and enlightened by David's expertise, brilliant playing and strong vocals throughout. There's nothing about this recording that I don't like, and that alone says a lot.

I could, and should stop this review right here and now, because you really have to listen for yourself to get the real feeling and emotion from the source. Suffice to say, you'll either be tapping your feet in unison or find yourself jumping off your couch as you're coming down in mid swing playing your air guitar - as if you're Pete Townsend in action.

I've been listening to this cd over and over again with my headphones on. Today I just got back my Pioneer SX-950 receiver / amplifier from the repair shop (it only needed four new light bulbs installed in the front window, I got so tired of having a dim FM dial, this unit needs to glow and be bright and alive when turned on - it's vintage 1975-1976 and my pride and joy - but I digress).
I put my stereo components back together and fired up the old classic system, which I also found is perfectly matched to play David's cd. Ahhhhhhhh what a relief it is, to be able to crank up some real rock nŽ roll and so much more just ringing / pounding out of my set of four ESS Speakers from 1975…….with the Exclusive Air Motion Transformer!
Beautiful sound - excellent guitar work - excellent production values - it's a work of art in my book.
What I also like is the way it changes pace from acoustic to hard driving rock and back again - and then forward to hard rock….it's a sweet ride and journey where he wants to take you and he does with flying colors.
I don't know how this cd sold in Canada when it was first released, but knowing that David has a very loyal fan base, and that I'm sure that he had cut his teeth in a few hundred venues, I would imagine that the fans were ready and that it sold respectably well.
The cd is now fourteen years old, so while this is newly discovered music for me, it's old news for his die hard fans. I really like it, it's held up perfectly over the years, as it doesn't sound dated in the least, it's still fresh and new now as it was back then.
Quite an accomplishment and one to be very proud of. Our Hats off to you Mr. Gogo!!!


1. (Just Ask) Jesse James - 3:46
2. Stay Away From My Home - 4:15
3. I Can Still Hear You Crying - 4:12
4. Things Are About To Change - 3:06
5. It Don't Make Sense (that you can't make peace) - 7:37
6. Reap What You Sow - 5:29
7. WalkinŽ - 2:47
8. Skelton Key - 3:52
9. Backstroke - 2:45
10. Later to That -
11. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - 2:33
12. Personal Jesus - 4:25

From EMI to Dixie Frog Records - it appears that David is a force to be reckoned with. His photo on the front cover shows a dedicated musician and the one on the back cover says it all "I'm Here, I'm Ready and I don't Fuck Around" a serious look of what's to follow inside - sort of….as the music is just kick ass rock and roll straight on at ya!
1. The solid power riff opens this cd, and the piano stands out as an excellent addition. David's vocals are clear, strong and make you stand up and take notice. He has a powerful voice that's not at all strained when belting out a rocker tune - got a little Mark Farner style in there.
2. This song has the familiar riff "you don't love me pretty baby" and the "every hungry woman's been knockinŽ at your door" Allman Brothers - with some tasty slide guitar from David and I love the great harmonica playing that really makes the song hold together perfectly.
3. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of Ten Years After's song called "I'll Make It Easy For You" from their NOW cd - or their soon to be released "Angry Voices". A slower paced song, more of a ballad than a blues tune, but a nice change up after two fast paced songs.
4. Sounds like Joe Bonamassa stopped in for a visit, with Gary Moore vocals included. Fabulous guitar work and vocals by David…got the old Fleetwood Mac feel and sound of "Oh Well" a stick in your memory song that will have you humming it long after the stereo is turned off.
5. A Willie Dixon number and not one that I've heard before. Refreshing to hear songs that weren't popular and then listen to a real talent bring it back to life and give it some new energy. The riff has the same hypnotic effect of the old Sonny Boy Williamson's "Help Me". Kind of a haunting riff and rhythm that makes the eight minute song enjoyable and entertaining. David's guitar work is extraordinary, and what really makes it exciting is his knowing when to let loose on the leads, when to power up and let it ring and when to reel it in and slip it back into the groove. David weaves a tapestry of tones that'll make you press repeat on your player, to pick up on what you missed the first time around.
6. A bluesy number at 5:40 that kind of slips and slides along at an unusual pace, sounds slow but faster paced with the organ pushing it along. Ah, yes Paul Butterfield / Bloomfield now it makes sense…done better by David than the original.
7. Otis Span - the Fleetwood Mac boys loved playing with him, as his backup band, for fun you should buy "Bigger Than Colossus" from 1969 - Otis Spann and Fleetwood Mac. The song here has a real Bo-Diddly sound.
8. The title track "Skelton Key" if Otis Reading came back to life to record just one song, this would be the one. Full of horns and Booker T and the MG's (Memphis Group) sound.
9. An Albert Collins song and David has it nailed down to perfection, the organ is also excellent, the bass is pounding along - are you sure that Albert wasn't playing on this?
10. Later To That Todd (bass player) - nine seconds of studio nonsense - just good fun!
11. Signed Sealed and Delivered - not my cup of tea as they say, but the way it's presented here makes me want to give it a second listen. It's the chorus that makes it work exceptionally well. David picks out the pretty notes with enough power to propel this song right into yesteryear.
12. We all know the song by Led Zeppelin "When The Levee Breaks" that's how this song starts off. With a harmonica stronger than the soulful / mournful vocals. Give the drummer credit on this as well, excellent job laying down this pattern, and making the fills interesting. All in all a brilliant job by everyone involved - reminds me of an old Canned Heat Boogie that could've gone on for twenty minutes or more in concert.

In Conclusion:
Where the hell did this guy come from? Another brilliant performance by David Gogo. The cd flies by to quickly that it makes me want to go out and buy everything he's recorded.

DAVID GOGO - "VIBE" - 2008
This is his brand new recording that we bought at his concert, the first night we met him in Buer-Melle, Germany.

Tracks Include the Following:

1. She's Alright - (Featuring Jeff Healey) - 3:59
2. 300 Pound Shoes - 4:45
3. Silk And Stone 3:44
4. Cry Harder - 4:16
5. I'd Do Anything - 5:30
6. Hey Juanita - 4:10
7. Love In The City - (Featuring Tom Wilson) - 3:18
8. Hit Me From Above - 4:40
9. Something Ain't Right - 4:31
10. Why Don't You Show Me - 4:05

1. She's Alright - Sets the tone for what's to follow. The opening bass lines remind me of Eric Burdon and the Animals song "Don't Let me Be Misunderstood" The vocals are similar to John Fogerty but stronger, the grove is reminiscent of Sheryl Crow's hit song "All I Want To Do" with visions of Billy pealing labels off of his Budweiser bottles. David has many musical influences that's very clear and from my point of view it's healthy in this case. Why not take the best of different musical sources and then add your talent into the mix to create something new and enjoyable! Jeff Healey and David Gogo together in the studio for an entire album would've been fantastic and on stage an incredible tour de force to behold.

2. 300 Pound Shoes - Feeling like a pair of (lead boots - my impression) since you've put me down, got no reason to get out of bed….sounds like it should be a slow blues number but it's a bouncy blues shuffle that has more energy than it should have. The guitar work is the base of the mood, the keyboard work keeps it moving forward and the middle section is filled with fuzz tone muddle, creating a feeling of remorse and confusion. This song reminds me of Canned Heat's song called "Nine Bellow Zero". Excellent!

3. Silk And Stone - No, it's not like Stevie Nicks "Leather and Lace" the title just reminded me of her song. Has a Jeff Healy style to it with a kind of Bo Diddly beat…give the drummer credit for a job well done. The equivalent of "Silk and Stone" is just like "Oil and Water".

4. Cry Harder - Is one of my favourites on this cd, I like everything about it. As the lyrics say "just when you thought it couldn't get any worse you cry harder" - Christ, Ain't that the truth! I hear Aldo Nova / Billy Squire / Walter Eagan / Bad Company / Alice Cooper / bits and pieces - it's a classic little rocker - perfectly done!

5. I'd Do Anything…for you baby, anything for you. Guitar, horns, strong yet softer vocals, great keyboard work all working together. It's got a kind of Sly Stone funky feel to it and you get the impression Joe Cocker would be great at doing a cover of it.

6. Hey Juanita - Sorry folks, not my cup of tea, but David and the band sound happy playing it.

7. Love In The City - Ah Yes, - the Rolling Stones influence pays us a visit - start me up / tumbling dice / miss you / ---- a nice little rocker none the less with lots of energy.

8. Hit Me From Above - I love the vocals and the lyrics because it's in the true David Gogo style. When he doesn't pull any punches and just shoots from the hip he's at his very best. The funny thing is it's not a real rocker, it's a patchwork of ballad, rocking blues telling a good story.

9. Something Ain't Right - A good song, well done - excellent guitar work, keyboards, drumming, horns. For the general masses or AM radio play.

10. Why Don't You Show Me - In my opinion, this should have been the opening song on this collection, followed by She's Alright, 300 Pound Shoes, Cry Harder, Hit Me From Above…. This song is one of my favourites on this cd - dirty blues telling a story of unrewarded love. Let's get our love back in order is the plea - the wailing guitar work says it all. Once again David's vocals are so strong and powerful. The keyboard is exceptionally prominent as a primal support growl as it slides from the lower register to the middle and upper registers to create a sexual overtone of wanton desire and ultimate release….excellent and in good taste as well !!!

In conclusion:
Perfectly produced with excellent separation and dynamics.
Strong songs, enjoyable lyrics and a different blend of songs and styles….some I like and some, other fans will appreciate more. All in all a good collection, as David seems to have found a comfortable place in which to expand and explore his musical landscapes. If I were him, I'd be heading in the same direction too. Stay honest to your craft and yourself and follow your musical and career desires.

I think what I'd like from David is a two cd set of cover tunes done his way.
For Example, on the electric side:
1. Mississippi Queen (Mountain)
2. All Right Now (Free)
3. The Stealer (Free)
4. I Wonder (Humble Pie)
5. Still Alive and Well (Johnny Winter)
6. Rock and Roll People (John Lennon)
7. Back In The USA (Chuck Berry)
8. No Money Down (Chuck Berry)
9. Rock The Nation (Montrose)
10. Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
11. I Don't Need No Doctor (Humble Pie)
12. Fantasy (Aldo Nova) or Medicine Man)
13. ShakinŽ All Over (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates)
14. I Got The Fire (Montrose)
15. Two Daze Gone (Billy Squire) or What Do Ya Want From Me
16. Shine On (Peter Frampton)
17. Sin's A Good Man's Brother (Mark Farner)
18. Crossroads (Cream Live)
19. Rock and Roll Machine (Rick Emmett) or 24 Hours A Day
20. Oh Well (Peter Green)

On the Acoustic Side:
1. Make It With You (Bread)
2. If (Syd Barrett)
3. Fire and Rain (Carol King / James Taylor)
4. Be My Friend (Leslie West)
5. Send Me Someone To Love (Percy Mayfield)
6. Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce)
7. Seagull (Bad Company)
8. Song For Aries (Cactus)
9. I Talk To The Wind (King Crimson)
10. Where Does the Time Go (Sandy Denny)
11. The In Crowd (Mama Cass Elliott)
12. Mistreated (Deep Purple)
13. Changes (Black Sabbath)
14. I Am What I Am (Mylon)
15. Hard Headed Woman (Cat Stevens) of Wild World
16. Lying In The Sunshine (Free)
17. Moonshine (Paul Kossoff)
18. 18th Avenue (Cat Stevens)
19. Let It Bring You Along (Ricky Nelson)
20. Wishful Sinful (The Doors)

I'm sure that I will think of many more that he'd be able to pull off perfectly, but the above list is my way of saying that David Gogo is more than capable of fulfilling anyone of these musical styles and that's all I was trying to get across in the three cd reviews above. The man can't be placed in any one category, nor can you assume for a minute that he's limited to any one style of music - this man can do it all and make it look and sound so effortless. That my friends is the true sign of a musical genius / artists / and just a damn nice person to know.
The above list is in honour of his talent and for no other reason.
Being a new fan of his has its perks, as I don't have any preconceived notions of how he got to where he is now, but I'm just glad to know him and some of his friends and fans.
As I buy more of his recordings I'll be adding on to these reviews.

Hey David, any chance of you doing "Always Somewhere" by the Scorpions?



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